I've had my smart fortwo cabrio since May 5th 2008. The first 5 days were blissfull but I was quickly snapped back into reality. The gear shift locked up and my car was stuck in D/N which meant I could not back up or remove the key from the ignition. Not a big deal, smart has 24 hr roadside assistance. I live 80 miles away from the dealership. I had the car towed in and they fixed it within a day and then said I could pick it up at anytime.... "WHAT?" I'm 80 miles away with no vehicle, how am I supposed to pick up this car which broke down in the first week? The dealership reluctantly agreed to bring the car back to me "this time." Little did I know I would have to have it there two more times within the next three months. The next thing was the check engine light... no biggie there, I arranged to have the car brought there by my Mother, who lives much closer to the dealership than me. When I picked up the car and drove home, the very next day the gear shift locked up again. I had it towed back to the dealership... again!!!

Has anyone else had problems with their smart? How about with the dealership? I've found that smartcenter cary is difficult to deal with for a customer who lives 80 miles away. They are not accomodating to my needs at all, especially with a new car that is nothing but trouble. This smart owner sure feels dumb!

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I feel for ya. My Nisaan Sentra was a POS from day one!Multipes re-calls,wouldn't always start,rust formed in less than 3 years and I could go on and on and on......................What I don't understand arethose on this&the other forums who go off on the owner saying " you must not have wanted this car in first place" or "how could you say this", To them I say put down the kool-aid the smart is only a machine. I;knock on wood, have only had the sunshade problem and after 6500 miles I have no complaints.
When something breaks like the shifter, stop blaming the owner. If no one brought up these problems here no one would know that it is a commen problem amoung all the other problems this car has had.I think it would have been HIGHLY un-likly that my dealer would have changed my sunshade 4 times at no charge if I didn't have the ammo/info from this and other forums.

Have had several issues, including the tire light coming on for no aparent reason, the engine light coming on requiring two trips to my dealer. I have to totally concur that the comments about simply not liking the car are patently absurd and childish. There are some great things and some lousy things (transmission, snow behavior) about this car. I like mine, but I am not taking it to bed.
I'm 94 miles from my dealer. Had the shifter stick in N/D. The no start ,three bar thing.
The TMS light on. everything else has been great.

The TMS was a difference of 4# air pressure in the front tires.
The shifter was a 5 hour ordeal because the key can't be removed. I was the fifth car with the problem at the dealer at the time with only 600 miles on it. I just turned 5000 last week.

Two weeks later I had the No start problem. Placed the car in N and rolled back 10 feet replaced in park, and presto. no more problem. I didn't get it all the way into park earlier.

Everytime I called the dealer they were more than helpful.

I think your service manager needs a tune up!

Keep in mind that I have five cars to choose from to drive.
But the smart is by far the most interesting one, other than the show cars.
Brain, this is what I did yesterday, and the car runs great. I had the lock up, stuck in R, the check light on . this is a slow actuator. to fix it, I did this : the actuator is located lift side of the motor, near the gearbox, there's a rubber seal on the end of the actuator, be careful to open this seal up,you may need a thin screwdriverto lever the edge up and open it. spray grease/ chain lube in to the actuator, just a small squirt, about two times. That's it. my car is running great, problems are gone. You may try this, yourseft, or ask the dealer to do it. Best of luck, Bill ( Coop ) .
Reply for A2Jack,
I wonder "when" manuals or some help for the "do-it-yourself" guy's out here.
will be available to us. I was under the understanding that all cars sold in the USA had to have basic things available to the general public. I know that independent shops have to have the information available to them, but sometimes that information is not free. I am a mechanic by trade although retired now, I worked on Mercedes Benz for 25+ years and know that they prevent the "shade tree" mechanics from working on their own cars by intimidation. Now consider whom had a part in the development of the smart.
I have over come my fear of all the computers on the smart. I was really concerned about adding anything electrical. Since I sat down and decided that if I would run from the battery and not some relay or fuse box, I could bypass these "potential" problems. Since I have found this out, I have completed my trailer and now have LED lights all around on it. I have completed my trailer hitch and have wired my lights for towing this trailer. And today I ordered a cruise control that I feel I can install doing these same things and save myself in the "ball park" of $800. I know there is a lot of engine, and transmission management done by computers on this car, but if I stay out of the fuse box and do all my wiring directly to the battery I see no problems.

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