My car is totaled, but I'm's how it happened...

Driving on I95 in CT a car on the exit ramp decided to cut back into traffic. He hit the car next to me, who then slammed into me . My car hit the guard rail
(at 70 mph) and bounced off like a ping pong ball, rolling three times before hitting the opposite guardrail (which then flipped me right side up). Thank god I was wearing my seatbelt, and driving this amazing car. I opened the door and stepped out. Very shaken, but not hurt. I'm a little stiff now, but other than that I'm perfectly fine. Time to get on the orphan list for another smart. MY SMART SAVED MY LIFE!!!

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Amazing how you walked away. Just another reason every household needs to get "SMART"
Thank goodness you were not hurt!!!! The car has a wonderful safety cell and that was one of the BIG things I like about the auto!
Wow! That would have made a great video! Really glad that you are ok!
I don't think it really matters what kind of passenger vehicle you are in when you get hit by a semi!
It certainly did save your life. Hope all your aches and pains are going away.

I work in the automotive safety field and I know that both the crash-testing groups -- NHTSA and the Insurance Institute -- are very interested in the smart's "crash worthiness" in real-world incidents. Looking at your photos, I was trying to figure out how the various damage occurred on your smart. It appears the right side is undamaged, and that most of the impacts happened on the driver side? If you don't mind reliving the crash, could you field a few questions? And I absolutely understand if you prefer to not.

1. Where did the car hit the smart?
2. Did the rear hatch come open during the rollover sequence?
3. Any idea what hit the windshield? (In almost every crash video and pics I've seen, the front glass never breaks, so it's interesting to see one that's been damaged).

As for the all the folks who think they're all so clever by parroting the "You're dead if you're hit by a semi" argument, I merely say "so would you be." Then I explain that I'm in the business of destroying cars to see how survivable they are in crashes ... and that's exactly why I bought the smart. It usually gives them something to think about.
Wow!! I'm so glad you're ok but you certainly proved that the crash tests were correct. Actually you did better than the crash tests due to the speed and situation you were in. Amazing!!
Jim Schutte (see his interesting post.) works in the safety field. Do you think that anyone from Mercedes would be interested in examining the totalled Smart??? Mercedes used to be famous in Europe for sending a helicopter out to study totalled cars on the Autoban. they might be able to learn something from it.
Get some Arnica cream and pellets to rub into those sore muscles and alleviate those aches.
the initial hit is on the passenger side, towards the rear of the door. That may be what broke the rim. Then the car went into the wall with the whole drivers side. From there the rolls. nothing hit the windshield that I know of, I think that front corner of near the roof may have been a landing spot during one of the rolls, breaking the winshield. Once the glass in the hatch broke there isn't much to be closed, if you look its still "latched" but the latch is attached to broken glass. Interested to hear your thoughts .
I'm glad you're fine - but consider purchasing the car back from your insurance company and hawking the parts online. Parts, particularly non-warranty-covered parts, like missing gas caps and insurance claim interior parts might go at a premium!
I'm glad your not hurt also,its great to know these cars are buil well,how long did you have to enjoy your smart before your loss?
I would consider buying it back and seeing if the Smart Dealership would want to buy it off you as a display, you could use it to get a orphan faster :)
Wow, that car looks amazing for having rolled three times! I'm no expert but I would not have thought that car was in that serious of a crash had I not read about it first. You've provided all the smart owners and smart hopefuls with some valuable information - I'm sorry it came at your expense but I'm glad your little guy (or gal) came through for you and I hope you get a replacement soon!
Thank goodness you're okay. Thanks so much for posting. I LOVE that Tridion safety cell!

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