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Do I have a LEMON?
I will make it as short as possible. My Smart Car history is as follows:
January 26th 2008 Purchased Orphan 11
March 11th 2008 Engine light on 1300
March 28th 2008 Engine light on 5945
October 7th 2008 Dashes on Dashboard (shifter Replace) 12647
October 31st 2008 Engine light on 13990
November 12th 2008 Engine light on 14568
November 29th 2008 Engine light on 15840
December 6th 2008 Engine light on 16150
Can anyone give me some input on what I can do about this? I asked my Dealer if a set of YELLOW body panels can be put aside for me, because I am driving a LEMON.

The Smart demo they gave me to drive (while my smart is in the shop) the shifter is stuck and will not come out of PARK without a good hard push.
Knowing this is a problem with the car would you not grease the shifter before giving it as a demo for a customer that is having alot of Problems with a Smart Car ? What do i do about all the problems i am having with SMART?

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My smart history is as follows:

Bought car 4 years ago
Drove it 108,000 km in that time
love it
no issues worth mentioning.
Talk to your dealer. Present a written summary of the problems. With all of these check engine lights, were there a bunch of different problems or just a flaky light or a recurring problem that was not able to be resolved ? While the shifter is a serious problem it alone does not make the car a lemon. repeated trips to the dealer are a nusiance and take the fun out of the car but the issue of lemon or not depends upon what all of these lights were for and whether or not the problem(s) can be resolved. What does your dealer say is happening?
Jim: well, for one, he's not saying that HIS car has the issue with the shifter sticking.... but the one the dealership loaned him does.
For the lemon law to kick in, the problem has to be the same recurring and non fixable problem. Were all the check engine lights on for same reason?

I have had my smart since the beginning of December 09, the check engine light came on once and went away itself and the airbag light came on once and returned to normal by itself. Clearly you are having a problem and the dealer should be able to tell you why the light keeps coming on. You may want to purchase a scan gauge II so you can see what is going on and resent it yourself.

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