Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of getting rear-ended by a VW SUV - on a freeway at almost freeway speed. I'm happy to say I walked away and my Smart still got me to the dealership 10 miles from the accident!

Read my blog-entry about it (including pictures of the crash site):

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That was a good blog on the event. Glad to hear you are ok, and amazed that the car came out well enough to drive to the dealer. Keep us posted as to when you will get the car back.

What led to the accident?
Also glad to hear your OK, and happy I can tell a friend of mine, who is constantly trying to talk be out of buying my Smart by telling me that if I get rear ended it will be the end of me, that I will be fine, because you were fine. I cant believe how much of that SUV crumbled into your car. Hope they can salvage your car, cant tell how bad the damage is by the pictures, but it looks like the little car held up like a champ.
Thanks for your kind words of concern and interest!

@Ken. A spin-out in front of me a few cars started the chain-reaction. In all about 12 cars were involved I think.

@Teri. I will definitely add a damage report when I get it (was told it would be available Friday but who knows with this being the holiday season and all). The "cage" was totally in tact - the doors opened perfectly on both sides. However, the drive-train I think took a hit cause it sure shifted slowly and reverse made a loud clunk. And the exhaust system was loud as well.

I'll keep you posted.

Glad you walked away from it Paul. I was rear ended on the Kennedy Expy in Chicago and was hit by a guy doing about 30mph while I was stopped in traffic. I was shaken up a bit. The reason tell you this is that soft tissue damage takes about a week to show up. Watch for tingling in your arms and/or legs. My story was that I had about $2,500 damage to the car (a Taurus) and $25,000 to my neck. I hope it works out OK for you.
@Fred. Thanks for the heads up. I will watch for those symptoms. So far so good though.
When I saw -5 degrees, I was like, he has to be from MN, haha. Sorry to hear about your car! Glad to hear that you are ok, hopefully no long-term effects. I've been in two accidents with mine and it's definitely sad to see it damaged and to be without it while it's being repaired. I was rear-ended a month ago in the city of Chicago on my way home from work, but it didn't cause much damage. It's a solid little sucker :)
I'm driving up to Mpls tonight and hoping that the roads are ok so that I don't have a situation like yours.
@Eric. Drive safe, man. I swear there is a SUV vendetta or something going on...hehe.

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