Ok, I see people talking about a 10 - 13 month wait and I am a little bit jealous. I reserved my smart on August 15th of 2007 and have still not received it. I have done the configuration and the dealer says the status is shipping right now. She told me I should have it around January 13th. So that would give me a total wait time of 17 months, give or take a couple of days. What's the deal???

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My dealer is in Knoxville.
Wait indeed!! My experience is as follows:

Reservation - 10 Aug 07
Configuration - 25 Aug 08
Delivery - 2 Dec 08

This was to Houston which makes life for me easy - dealership is close by Houston standards. However, good things come to those who wait - turns out that "Mr. Bean" is a 2009. Have been REALLY PLEASED with the car ever since. It is a very simple Passion - white with a silver stripe, foglights, but no other options.

One note about availability - you may want to check with your closest dealers as with a downturned economy there are a few more orphans available.
I reserved 3/08. Just got the e-mail and configured last night...12/23/08. I too have a delivery window of April-June 2009. I'm purchasing my smartie from MB of South Charlotte (Pineville, NC). I'm interested to see how I fare...? I find it strange that Gary reserved 2 months after me and configured two weeks before me...?! Lucky you...maybe? =)

Gary, I think you're onto something. Every time they change up what they're building...I'm sure they have to adjust. A passion has a roof...a cabrio doesn't. What if there are cars that are ordered with the premium sound instead of the standard stereo. The difference is that most people buying the run-of-the-mill Toyota or Honda more than likely buy what's on the lot or the dealer can find another car at another dealership. All of us are ordering a tailor made car. Hmmm?
Get an orphan. I never really consdered a Smart until last Wednesday. I was looking to spend a few grand on a beater for the winter and everything I liked had over 100k. I started looking at the Yaris and Focus and one of my co-workers suggested a Smart after hearing lots of them have been "orphaned" - I take delivery at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Err, but it was a really long 5 days. ;)

As for the production run thing, it's likely. I've owned two BMW Z4s and the plant in Spartanburg did the cars by color - the more popular colors were made first, the special order or least popular colors last, which could add weeks to your delivery time. And remember there's only one plant for Smarts for the entire world, and it's running at full capacity, I've read.
I thought about an orphan for a little while, but since I was halfway through waiting, and I should have mine within the next month, it just doesn't make since for me to get something I didn't order. I am just aggravated that I have waited as long as I have and others who have ordered months after me are getting their cars before me. You would just think there would be some better loyalty to the people that ordered first.
My salesman and I were talking about this when I picked up my orphan today. He speculated that because the car itself is so individual, buyers are much more particular about how it's optioned, and that if it was sold like a traditional car with loads of identically optioned cars sitting on lots it wouldn't be selling as well. Looks like there's something to that.
I agree with you, it being so unique is what makes so many people want it. I really did want a yellow one, but think I will be happy with the red one I am getting, just dying to get it. I don't think I would have been happy if I had decided to get an orphan. Who knows, I am just glad the wait is almost over!
Reservation date of 6/7/2008, Config date of 11/19/2008 and now, the DDE shows feb to mar 2010. I configured a red pure with ac, ps, and radio. Not sure if the pure takes longer. Have seen a few smarts locally in sw ohio. They looked like passions.
What made you decide to get the Pure over the Passion?
we wanted limited options on the car. no other specific reason.
I waited 14 months..........I just had to not think about the wait or I would have bought a nice big Toyota Tundra........glad I waited though, great car for around town!
Hi, I'm new to this forum but have found some very interesting discussions. My husband and I registered for a car in June of 2008. We haven't heard from anyone other than some mailings we've received. Today I looked on SMART's website and they give me a DDE of January 2009-March 2009. We've never been contacted by a dealership or anything. What does the "configuration" thing mean that many of you have talked about? Furthermore, we live in Iowa, how do the cars do on the snow?


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