Ok, I see people talking about a 10 - 13 month wait and I am a little bit jealous. I reserved my smart on August 15th of 2007 and have still not received it. I have done the configuration and the dealer says the status is shipping right now. She told me I should have it around January 13th. So that would give me a total wait time of 17 months, give or take a couple of days. What's the deal???

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I actually registered in July of 08 and I adopted an orphan in August. However, I was told that my wait would be about nine months and I did get a configuration email about a month ago. Of course, I am not taking the reservation and I let someone else have it but I would say that I was given an accurate estimate of how long I would wait. I have read however, I agree that from what I have seen in these blogs, wait times vary all over the country and I have read of folks waiting up to 15 months or more.
Put reservation in Sept 18,2008 ETA is at Jan 2010 to March 2010. Juliana from Smart Center RoundRock, Tx. called this morning 12/30/08 and said she had an orphan had a couple of xtra options that I didn't need, but bought it today. Anxious to see how it does.
Well, though I said I wasn't going to get an orphan, I did. I went to my Knoxville dealer and they had the cutest orphan, one with the tiger skin on it. It has a lot of options, including being a cabrio (which I didn't really want, but is way cool) and the comfort package. They made me an awesome deal on it since it was their demo car and had been on the lot since July. I am very happy with it and sure I will get used to the convertable options. Well, guess my car whenever it comes in will now be the orphan, hope someone picks it up soon! Thanks for all the responses!

16 months 15 days waiting... now over.
I'm surprised, and happy you've got a smart now. When you car finally arrives, you should be able to trade this one in on it without much of a hit; a lot of people do.
The wait times seem to depend on geography and almost certainly the dealer volume. I reserved April 08 and my DDE was a solid 18 months until August when I configured. The DDE shortened considerably but was never closer than 60 days away, even when I received notice that the car had been built and was on its way to the US.

My dealer, 160 miles away from where I live, had at least forty cars and the west coast dealers seem to have a far shorter wait time. I think it is horrible that some people have to wait so long.

Interestingly, my DDE was NEVER adjusted, even once my car was in the dealer's lot waiting for me to pick it up...it still gave me a 90 day window sometime in the future.
I ordered mine in April 2008 and it arrived 12/23/2008 just in time for Christmas.


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