Ok, I see people talking about a 10 - 13 month wait and I am a little bit jealous. I reserved my smart on August 15th of 2007 and have still not received it. I have done the configuration and the dealer says the status is shipping right now. She told me I should have it around January 13th. So that would give me a total wait time of 17 months, give or take a couple of days. What's the deal???

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You are not alone. We have almost the same dates as you, and like you I have been watching all those whose say 10 - 13 months with envy. I can only say now "our car is swimming over" as we speak. As the saying goes: "God give me patience, and I want it right now". And I do not practice patience easily. I guess it is our turn to be excited and know that there are others who will still be waiting.
You and I are in the same boat (with our car's in it I hope). I'm also a Aug, 07 res with a est time of late Jan 09. Yup, the wait times vary all over the country with our locations being the greatest. I can't help to think that we are the outliers with our extreme wait times. It would be interesting to see what the orphan rate is now days.

Hang in there!
Your patience is amazing! I waited three weeks before I started searching for other means of getting the car. There are a few on cars.com that are very realistically priced. I saw a few cabrios for mid $17k. That's where I found mine :) I bought it in Phoenix and got to road trip back to Chicago.
I didn't know about the orphan thing until about 4 months ago. As I knew it SHOULD have been soon for me to get the car I wanted, I decided to wait. That was also when the DDE said it would be October - November timeframe before it arrives. I just know I am tired of waiting, especially when people talk about how it took them a whole 10 months to get their car. Give me a break!! They should have given us older reservationists first priority or at least a discount for having to wait for so long.
Tina; I reserved in April of 08. It seems the amount of volume at your dealership may determine your DDE. I config. last week and still do not have a DDE. If you look at the postings the majority of those getting their cars are either on the west or east coast. I was told today it may be till 2010 till I get mine. ??? what are they doing with the $99 everyone puts down ( non interest bearing account or something else).
Tina- 17 months is a very long time. Where you live can affect the wait time- Large metro areas are getting more cars than small towns. My wait was about 12 months and I got my car in April of 2008. I am in So. Calif and there are a lot of smarts on the road here. My dealer has delivered around 500 cars now. On the other hand I was on the wait list with ZAP for 2 and half years with a $1,000 desposit and never got a car so a year and $99 bucks seems pretty good to me. And it IS worth the wait.
We also reserved in August, and our current DDE shows 01/16/09-04/16/09. But we happened to drop into the dealership a couple of weeks ago and they had just gotten an orphan in the exact same configuration that we had ordered. Needless to say, we chose not to wait and I'm now a proud owner! Funnily enough, I picked up the car Saturday and the following Monday we received the email from smart saying that my car is scheduled to arrive in 90 days. Good timing, huh?
I put my name in the pot in April 08' and mine is slated to be here in Jan- March of 09' but i haven't got my e-mail stating it will be here on a said date. The people in Portland (OR) are really cool when I have a question. The Smart USA web site needs a little more info on our cars. My DDE has been all over the board, April-June 08', March- May 08', and now Jan - March 09'. When I ordered my MINI, I could track it though the whole production processes. The three weeks on the boat nearly killed me, but I got though it. it just comes down to patience. I think they have a problem when I show up in my MINI. I just tell them I'm down sizing, but no way am I going to give up my MINI, I just have put too many miles on her.
Reservation Date 06-12-07
Configeration Date 02-14-07
Notification of 90 days 12-09-08 (She had already arrived in JAX)
Ready at DALLAS dealership 12-18-08

Total time "18 months/ 6 days" for "The Blue Bug"

LONG wait but on my way out the door to pick her up..............
It's good to know I am not the only one. My dealership is in Knoxville and while not a big metro area, it is the only dealership in East Tennessee so I don't know if that plays into it or not. Just very frustrating, but yes I am patiently waiting.

Thanks for all the comments!
Tina, where is your dealer? I live in lower Alabama and had to wait for the Jackson, MS dealer to get moving. My wait was about 14 months - wish I had saved that original email.
I reserved my car Oct of 2007, My car is in Long Beach right now and should be here in 7-10 days. Weather will most likely hold it up some.


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