Is there anywhere we can get oil filters othern than the dealer?

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Napa has Smart filters. Oil filter is part# 7040. Cabin is #9351. Air cleaner is #9301. The first two are available now and the Air should be out by summer.
William Cooper: Thanks so much for the insormation. We have a 2008 yellow passion coupe and we have cut our gas bill in less than half. We love the car and no matter where we go, someone always wants to look at it. Went to Logans steak house, parked the car last eve. and the guy who invites you in, when we left he said they had valet parking and wanted to bring the car to the door for us. Ha! Does anyone out there have any idea if there are any problems with the motor. We have had none. Joe is concerned about the credibility of the motor etc.?
I've had my 2008 for a year now- No engine related issues and I've not heard of any. But do use premium gas of good quality-bad gas can clog fuel injectors on any car and the smart is designed to run on premium
Extensive list of aftermarket filters here:

Currently running the Mobil 1 filter on our car.
Kevin Heran said:
Yes there are many sources. But one that frequently pops up here is smart madness. I found the link for the filter below.

They have the OEM filters in stock and several aftermarket air filters. Call them directly if you have questions.
Hi Sandra

We specialised to develop the smart fortwo 451's parts and acccessories for all smart lovers. Have a look the following link, you will find some service parts and interesting accessories:


Since I change the oil so infrequently, I don't mind spending $16 only once per year for an oil filter. Plus I like visiting my smart dealer every so often and it gives me an excuse to go over there to see what all they have going on over there. Maybe they'll have some new accessories in the showroom for me to check out.
Any store that carrys Fram filters such as Walmart carries oil filter Fram PH6607 which fits .... also the cabin filters Fram FreshBreez CF10132

Bob & Jan said:
Napa has Smart filters. Oil filter is part# 7040. Cabin is #9351. Air cleaner is #9301. The first two are available now and the Air should be out by summer.
I have a smart oil filter sitting here on my desk that I no longer need. I paid $16 for it with the brass washer from the dealer. I no longer have my smart car so this thing is useless for me.
Not far from Fort Lauderdale. The financing didn't go through on my car so I had to give it back. I bought the filter and was going to do my own oil change. Guess I got ahead of myself.
I wish I knew somebody locally to give this filter to. I hate throwing away stuff that works. I've had the filter too long to get a refund.
Stop in and get what you need for your Smart... They have what you need...<:-))

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