Is there anywhere we can get oil filters othern than the dealer?

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I don't need anything except to give this filter away to somebody locally. Thanks anyway.
Nope. I'm going to either give the Fiat 500 a try or the Ford Fiesta next. If not those, then maybe just a base Hyundai Accent or Toyota Yaris to get from A to B. As for now I am just getting by with my new Honda hybrid.
Send it to BP for their "JUNK SHOT". I hear that golf balls and oil filters mix well for such a task. Who knows, YOU could be our savior!

Today, a hybrid, tomorrow, the World!
Yeah, I'm never going to buy another hybrid again. You have to drive it SOOOOOOOO SLOW on take off to get the high mileage they talk about. You can't drive it like a regular car. It's pointless. Other people who have a Toyota Yaris or Hyundai Elantra are getting almost the same gas mileage as me. I could have saved $6,000 and just bought one of them instead.

I wanted a car that had a timing chain instead of a timing belt. The smart fortwo fit that bill. From what I can tell the Fiat 500 has a timing belt and I don't like that. That's another pain in the ass thing to maintain. The way it is now, I can go 100,000+ miles and only do a few oil changes, change the spark plugs, air filter as well as the CVT fluid a few times and that's about it. I don't want a $400-650 timing belt job to add to that mess, too.

Since I use Amsoil for everything, maintaining the smart fortwo would be super cheap as well. I don't have the dealer touch any of my cars. I do everything myself and save thousands over the life of the vehicle. My vehicle always run like brand spanking new for as long as I own them.
What kind of lice is that?

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