Did anyone else got a smart USA insider Calendar?

I got this today in the mail. Very impressive.

Anyone else? Post some pictures. Am I the first one?

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Ya Dan, I received one. Your in New York, I'm in Illinois. Any other states?
Hi Dan,
I received one last week and live in Virginia. In the summer a CD with info and a virtual Smart driving "simulator" showed up to help with the wait. My Smartie Mitts is due to arrive in a little over a month. Are you both waiting on your Smart too?
I'm also curious if the photos for the calendar were chosen from ones posted by members on this web site. ...I just put the first two names from the calendar in the web search and neither came up as existing members so perhaps not.
Mine came yesterday! I really like the fact that they are sending little goodies like this, it makes me feel like I matter to them.
Got mine yesterday. I'm in Los Angeles. I love the picture with the car parked sideways in the garage, in Maryland.
I received one, I am in Louisiana
We got ours yesterday in Georgia.
I got mine and I love it. I really appreciate how smart shows off what owners do with their smarts and makes it about us, and not just corporate car stuff. I also like how the lid flips backwards and it becomes a little desktop calendar. It's next to my computer now, counting down til my car arrives!
My son got one - he is on the waiting list. I bagged his since I don't believe that they are going out to existing owners. The cover says "worth the wait" (true) so it's meant to help you mark off the days until your new baby arrives. I especially like the smarts on Lombard St. in San Francisco- it's known as the world's crookedest street and going down it in anything but a smart would be a real challenge. There is a record for the fastest run down but it usually involves broken flower pots and bent fenders!
I got mine yesterday! I'm in Texas. I think Smart is doing a great job of marketing. I don't mind the wait because I knew this is the way it would be. Again, Smart marketing is great...no cars sitting around unsold like the big 3!
hi teri, glad you liked my picture. now, if they would only send me a calendar. i did'nt get one. cheers, bud
I got my smart cabrio in Feb.
Haven't gotten a calendar yet.
Called smartusa, they said that every owner, and reservation holder would "eventually" get a calendar?

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