Did anyone else got a smart USA insider Calendar?

I got this today in the mail. Very impressive.

Anyone else? Post some pictures. Am I the first one?

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I heard that it's only for reservation holders, actually. People with a longer wait. But my dealership told me that smart might post it on this website for anyone to download. That would be pretty cool.
never got one.
In Florida. I got mine awhile ago. I saw some post recently that people from a smart forum (I am on a few different ones) said they got there pics from the forum and asked for permission for them. I think I remember that the calendars are only for the people waiting for cars.
Best wishes
I picked up my car on Dec 23 :), and did not get a calendar :(. At least I have my car so I don't think I'll whine about not getting the calendar.
I'm in California and I got one around Christmas.
I'm feeling left out. I didn't get one.
I didn't get one either. This is the first I heard about them.
I would have liked to get the calendar mainly for the historic Lombard Street photo shoot that is historical. On the other hand the real thing is better, and i already have the Simpsons to look at all year in calendar form.
No I didn't get the calendar. Got my car though, 2 days ago. Love it.
Anyone claim credit for the December pic (Big red bow on top of white smart cabrio in front of house w/ snow covered drive?)
Guy I work with says "It's photoshopped".
I disagree, I know I have seen that pic on one of the smart forums, but can't find it?

Called smartusa, everyone that has taken delivery of a smart (order or orphan), reservation holders, and just about anyone else that has called them is going to get a calendar. It might take a while, but you should see one eventually?
I saw someone selling one on ebay.

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