Just received an e-mail from my sales person along the line of your car has an ETA of January. Woo! Happy times!! However... when I go to check what the smart DDE says, it still says the dreaded "your vehicle cannot be estimated at this time blah blah blah." Has this ever happened to anyone? Who should I beleive?? Am I supposed to be excited?? I have a call into the sales person.

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I took delivery of my Passion in mid December. The salesman was within about 10 days of estimated true delivery. I'd believe your saleman.
Ted- The sales person gets a printout for each individual car when it is shipped- This allows them to track it and see when it gets into port and when it will arrive at the dealership. They wouldn't call you if they didn't know it was your car that was on it's way. The DDE is notoriously wacky- the sales people are right on target.
you can track the car yourself if you have the vin number. If the dealer knows it's going to arrive in January they probably have the vin. This is the site for tracking http://www.2wglobal.com/www/WEP/index.jsp. Under customer tools choose track and trace .... on the next page you put your vin number in the space for cargo ID. I don't know if it takes you any farther along than when the ship docks but it's worth a try. I picked up my car last week.. I didn't have time to do all of the tracking because of the holidays but what I did do was correct.
I am supposed to be able to pick my smart on Saturday. Somehow, they lost this baby for a couple of weeks. They say that it was delivered to another dealer. I don't know if they finally found it because I suggested they check the VIN. Anyhow, I now have to figure out how to get to the dealer this weekend. FINALLY!
Talked to my sales person, I guess the e-mail was just a generic form letter that smart wanted her to send out to some reservation holders. I guess what it means is that they are supposed to start getting them in January, but whether or not I am getting mine in January is a different story. Blah.

You may have the same problem I do. I received my dealership email and call. I actually had a delivery date of Jan. 25 and I was just called and told that my delivery was postponed to Feb. 25 and they don't know why? My production shows comfirmed on the dealer list and from what I understand once it is Produced (3 1/2 hours) it takes 10 days of travel on the boat. So i don't understand why another month delay. I reserved 12/07, there people here that reserved in 08 and already got their cars. I am very frustrated.
I'd believe the salesman. When I received my email saying my Smart was shipped I checked my DDE and it said I had no reservation at this time. They removed my DDE because my car was all ready shipped.

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