I put together a small flat repair kit including a 2ton bottle jack and folding lug wrench with flat repair kits sufficient for normal puncture leaks (nails etc.) but found that even the small folding lug wrenches generally available in most auto supply stores start at 17mm. I can leave a 15mm socket and breaker bar in the car but would prefer the cross style lug wrench for the stability of two hands. I have some shoulder problems.

I have heard on some blog a while ago that VW makes a 17mm wheel bolt for its' Golf with the correct thread but I didn't get a part number. Anyone upsize there wheel bolts for lug wrench convenience or have this VW part number?

Thanks in advance for you answers.

Don Rogo...

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if anyone is interested i have for sale a spare tire (three lug rim) along with a jack, lug wrench, all contained in a nice tire cover which sits flat behind the drivers seat and hardly takes up any room. new tire never on the road. very CHEAP. i am in maryland, Bud Hurley   budhurley@hotmail.com  410-592-2336

Nick McClung said:

But at least Corvettes have standard lug nuts that anybody would have a wrench to fit.    I am going to have to have the smart center take these lug bolts off and replace them with the 17mm hex head bolts that bud hurley recommended.  

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find a

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