I have been patently waiting for my Smart for almost a year. I know there are a few of you out there that have waited longer, and more power to you folks. Anyway the DDE page gave me the window of JAN 2009 to March 2009. Nice, but when I checked in on it today, it said "Your vehicle delivery date cannot be estimated at this time." The Lady at Smart USA said this happens form time to time especialy when they update. She was very nice about everything. But I would like to know if my car is being transfered into the Smart USA database, or my order has gone out the window. Has anybody seen this or has this happen to them shortly before their car was delivered?

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Hi Marc,
Yes, this has happened to me twice since my original reservation last June. Each time when it came back online the DDE was significantly different. Went from Nov09, to June09 and now its Jan-April and I've already configured.
Best O luck,

Stuff happens. It has happened to me at least three times now. My DDE can't be determined also. I just wait a week in extreme angst checking every day until an DDE shows up.
Thanks Craig and Ed, I thought waiting three months for my MINI was bad. These last two weeks have been crazy. I just want to know when the "little monster" will be delivered to the dealer, so I can get my finacing all set.
Yep my DDE has said that my delivery date can not be estimated at this time, and has said this for the last 2 months. An E-mail inquiry returned no answers. So I will just wait, I'm sure as the economy gets worse ant the orphans multiply on the Smart lots things will speed up a little.
Mine left me on Dec. 12th, 2008. I configured on Dec. 23rd. and so far as of today Jan. 9th 2009, nothing. I did e-mail and was sent a message that I would be notified that when production started, I would receive an e-mail. Usually 120 days before. As for the DDE, I never did receive an answer. Now if your like me, you have the feeling that these people don't have any clue as to what they are doing.
I reserved in May,08. I configured in Nov,08. My DDE said Dec,08-Feb,09 until 2 weeks ago. It then went to "cannot be estimated at this time" and is still there on Jan. 10,09. It would be much better if they would give you a long -term date and then bump it forward as things progress.
I just got my car yesterday after a 15 month wait. It was worth it. The weather has been holding up some of the deliverys after they get in to the US. Mine was shipped to Long Beach Calif., I did get a note that it had arrived there and it would be 7-10 days more. It was 2 weeks but the weather in the NW is bad. I had to drive it from Seattle to Spokane Wash. It handled well in the snow.
I ordered mine in April of 2008 and while the original DDE was September 2009 (or thereabouts), I'm picking it up on Thursday. I do remember that at some point it showed the same status as yours and I panicked, but within a day or two it was normal again and I think did bump up in time. Good luck! I'm sure it will all be fine.
I have a brabus ordered. and since the day I switched to the brabus i have had no estimate. Recently got an email from my dealership saying they wanted some money down to "hold" my brabus for me. Talked to my sales lady, she said the e-mail was just to let us know they are supposed to start getting the brabus models in this month even though the e-mail said my ETA was this month. Blah, just getting jerked around some more.
My DDE for 'Mitts' just moved OUT a month to Feb-May :-/
I ordered back in Apr. 08 and configured in Sept. 08. The DDE was showing a 3 month span getting updated as closer and closer until mid-Nov. Then it stated "Nov. 08 to Jan. 09" In mid-Nov. it went to "Unable to determine . . ." and has been that way for two months now.
I'm driving an orphan now, so it's not pressing, but I'd like a 'heads up' so I can get this one sold before the '09 arrives . . .
In the past two days mine has moved out two weeks...

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