I have been patently waiting for my Smart for almost a year. I know there are a few of you out there that have waited longer, and more power to you folks. Anyway the DDE page gave me the window of JAN 2009 to March 2009. Nice, but when I checked in on it today, it said "Your vehicle delivery date cannot be estimated at this time." The Lady at Smart USA said this happens form time to time especialy when they update. She was very nice about everything. But I would like to know if my car is being transfered into the Smart USA database, or my order has gone out the window. Has anybody seen this or has this happen to them shortly before their car was delivered?

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Maybe you car is being transferred from the plant in France to the Transport Ship to bring it across the big pond. Sometimes you just have to have faith that it will be here soon. We've all be in your shoes...........
Hey, I just got the DDE to give me a date. First time since I configured in November.

Today (2/11/09) it says April '09 - June '09. It hasn't been able to give me a date for almost three months!

That's almost perfect timing for my household, too! This is going to be my car, and my sixteen-year-old son needs a car for a summer job, so we won't have to be sharing a car for a long time. :-)
We checked on ours last November and the DDE was April 2009. Two weeks later the dealer called and we picked up "babycar" on December 6th 2008. Just be patient, I'm sure they didn't toss your order. Good things come to those who wait!
I put in my reservation in April '08 and still haven't gotten my config letter yet. I did in Dec. get a Jan 09-March'09 DDE, but since no configuration, I knew it wasn't right. Smartusa says it hasn't sent my config email out yet, so I'll still be waiting.
Jumping in a bit late here, but I've determined you just have to wait (unless you get an orphan) because everyone is different.

I'm in Chicago and reserved September 2007. Configured August 2008. I haven't had a DDE since early November and at that time it was December-February...so four months with no DDE and the last DDE was WAY off. Clearly it can't be because my car is on its way :) I contacted the dealer and Smart USA in late January, and they can tell me nothing expect "keep checking back." The dealer did say Chicago is running 18-24 months for delivery, and if that's the case I'm just entering the home stretch!
Nikkie H. - - I hope I do not have to wait that long, but I am starting to wonder. I am in KC, ordered in April 08, configured in Nov 08, and my DDE was down to Jan-Mar 09, until it quit working on Feb 1st. I have had to put up with the "DDE cannot be determined . . ." for a full month now. I have e-mailed and phoned, and get the polite responses that say my order is still active, keep checking the DDE, etc. My old "Wonder Van" will not last forever (despite impressions to the contrary), so I hope my "little wonder" arrives soon. However, I have heard nothing to give me hope.

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