So what did or are going to do with your smart cars current stuff? Some examples would be audio, paints, parts, colors, sounds, exterior and interior work, upgrades, and so forth.

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@Flasmartdad; the under carriage neon lighting is now illegal in most states. Check your local laws before you add it to yours.
i think that depends on the color
Hi everyone,
I found a nice place for a lot of smart accessories.
The rims are great and mud guards ...
Hey Brett, Bring your smart to my shop and we will yank out the little engine and drop in a big block you may have to sit on the carb to drive it, but what a ride!!!!! anyways, my smart should be in by the end of sept. gonna start buying all my goodies for it now so when it comes in, I'll be ready to start diggin in.......Kip...see ya at the cruise
yeah Kip... Let's drop a big block chevy or a Hemi in that little engine space. Hopefully, see you next week at the cruise. What a big turnout today at the car show. Just kidding...only a few people turned out. Have a great week and hopefully, your ride will be here sooner.
I have a wishlist (in order of priority) for "Louis Hambach":

Window tint

Thorley Exhaust

powdercoat rims black

Brabus Headlights

Winter tires (for winter only, of course)

Veloce ECU tuning
FYI - I got an email back from europeantoys that they don't sell to individuals - only to smart center d/ships
I haven't done anything, but I LOVE seeing all of these options! The skins are really cool. I'm excited to see that there is an option beyond just the solid colors offered here in the US.
I wrapped my car,added air horn ,added under body LED lighting,next projects arein dash nav system and new wheels ,I'm not change tire size,I like my gas milege
My most recent aftermarket addition installed (almost, got some 3m issue) is my radio bezel. We just ordered seat covers from Wet Okole, since it became obvious that the fabric would never hold up to one bear, one bear cub, our kids (occasional elementary riders) and their teenage cousins (occasional high school riders). I would love to get a clear bra and those black tail lights by smartmaddness (their roof sunshade too) are SO cool but it will have to wait.

Did you upgrade your sound yet?
yes I did, but my car was in an accident shortly after so I didn't have much time to enjoy it, but it sounded marvelous

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