Which Non Dealer installed GPS & BlueTooth fit the SmartCar?

My dealer wants $2,500 for a Panasonic GPS & bluetooth system, which is outrageous.

Does anyone know which model Panasonic or other manufacturer's units will fit the Smart FourTwo?


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Yes, any double DIN sized unit will fit. Check out the Pioneer AVIC-F90BT. Half the price, twice the features.

Thank you very, very much. :)
You are more than welcome Les. It was my pleasure to be of help. If you have any other questions regarding installation please just let us know :)

it was Pioneer we offered. Kenwood is going to be replacing it soon though.
Man!! Thats a huge chunk of change!!! You can pick up that save Pioneer unit for 749 on line and adding the bluetooth runs another 149 I think. thare are installers out there that I KNOW do it...Billo had his done at Cartunes and looks awsome!!!!
Any double din will work, but you have to have an adapter to make it fit. Everyone I talked to said they were "on the way" but they haven't been released yet. I found one at smartieparts.com in canada that was very reasonable to order and it looks like they have them in stock. I custom built mine by using the blank stereo plate that comes in the pure. My dealer sold it to me for $21.00 and I cut it to fit. Once I cut it to fit, I got some gray denim cloth and covered the plate to hide the storage tray that came in it. It looks very factory. I replaced my head unit with the Pioneer AVIC-D3 nav system that came with bluetooth, and I added the xm and sirius modules, alpine 6 1/2" component speakers for the doors, Pioneer surface mounts for rear speakers, and an infiniti bass-link for the subwoofer. Did all the work myself and spent less than $1200 however, if the dealer is including wiring, labor, custom mounting kits, and the whole shebang, $2,500 is not unreasonable. I spent $4000 for the nav/stereo upgrade on my 2006 Passat 3.6. Also one thing to consider... if the dealer installs it and you purchase the extended warranty, the stereo and everything is typically covered as well. You might check with them.

Good luck with it. If you decide to do it yourself, I figured out the wiring harnass and can give you the color coding.
I just got an estimate for a pioneer avic-f700bt for 1086.00. This is everything including the harness, dash kit, ipod cable installation and sales tax. The unit has gps, fm, am, bluetooth, gps. This is at a car stereo place in CT. Look at the pioneer website for more info. The smart car will take just about any system on the market today. I'll probably go with this instead of the avic-f90bt since it is about 150 less but doesn't sacrifice anything I am looking for.
Anycom Solar Bluetooth Cell Phone Speaker System ebay $39.00 fits the whole green thing and works so good!
Here's a good bluetooth mirror with caller ID. It's a little larger than stock so it also helps prevent blind spots. Hope that helps.
Here are my thoughts on the subject.
I realize you're looking for something to have installed. Just this past week I pulled in at Walmart and the car next to me had been broken into. They smashed the window and took the radio system. It was even mentioned that they took the time to disconnect the wires. {I don't know the relevance there but it sounded important.} And at one time I had an aftermarket system in a car I owned. My window was broken and it was stolen. In both cases as is usual there were no witnesses. Alarms are so common they are ignored in some cases.

I have a GPS with bluetooth. It's a Garmin Nuvi 360. When I get out of the car, I take it with me. So when I'm traveling I can use it in my car, walking or even a rental car. Heck. I've even use it on the Harley. And if someone smashes my window now they'll be wasting their time and sadly disappointed. It's also a lot more affordable than the units that are installed into a vehicle too.

So it's not a Panasonic and it's not installed. But it is a bluetooth GPS that works well.
Hi Les,

I have the Kenwood system installed in mine, Garmin GPS, Blue tooth, XM Radio. (see my photos for a picture.) The Smart Center in Riverside actually has "Sounds Plus" do the installations and modifications. They are located in Redlands or Loma Linda (not exactly sure which town that is), however, it would probably be cheaper contacting them directly.

They're located right off I-10. Ph# 909-335.3525 or 909-796.8093

One final note: I don't know which Smart you have... however, the blue tooth was probably a waste of money for me as I have the Cabrio and the blue tooth on the Kenwood is basically useless with all the wind when the top is down naturally... I'm just a little slow and didn't figure that out in time. (smile). I do have a Jawbone bluetooth that actually works better since it has the built in noise reduction feature and it's a heck of a lot cheaper and you wouldn't have to pay for the blue tooth feature for the Kenwood.

I can't say what other radios/devices they have as I didn't much pay attention as I was pretty much focused on the Kenwood system.

Good Luck!
I just received a dash kit from 4smart.com that is silver like the AC housing. I have not installed it yet but I think it will look great. I dont know if they have it online yet, you may have to call and ask them about it.

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