So I have just past my 1year mark for being a reservation holder and yes it has been a very very long year. I did do my configuration in November which was wonderful. But now with the economy pretty much dieing in the car industry I think, I could be wrong but honestly I think they have slowed down in production on the Smart cars, at least for the US. After calling the 3 closest dealerships to me all of them being 200+ miles away when they all told me they have around 12-15 orphaned cars, I was shocked. So now I am wondering if I should just get an orphaned car as I don't see my reservation advancing anytime soon.

I have also noticed that the cars were running a bit cheaper than the estimated amount that I had reserved one for. I think that is a bit odd, but there are odder things in this world.

So I have a question for those that got an orphaned car, is it what you wanted? Did you pay around the same amount? Are you happy you got it instead of waiting?

My question for those still waiting on their original car,are you considering an orphaned? How long have you been waiting?

Anyways I hope that everyone is very happy with their smart no matter how they got it!

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I'm going on month 16 of waiting and haven't had a DDE for almost three months. I have considered an orphan, but the only orphans the dealers had available were much more expensive than the car I configured. They tend to have a lot of bells and whistles, and I don't need/want that.

However, I have noticed at least four people selling their cars on Craigslist, which I have thought about because the price is a bit lower and they are almost exactly what I want.
I reserved in July, configured in December so I too am in waiting. I am thinking orphan but I am going to wait till April before shopping. Right now it is too damn cold and we are having too much snow. Between snows, it is too sloppy. When I get mine, I want to enjoy it, not look after it right away. I can wait.
I bought an orphan and it was exactly what I was waiting to configure. It was the same price as on the website with the options that I wanted. The dealer charged a $400 prep charge, but that is pretty standard for any car except with in demand cars you can't really negotiate the charge down like when they've been sitting on the lot for months. Mine is a cabrio and I love it. Yes, I am happy I got it instead of waiting who knows how long just to configure. The economy is the reason he refused it. If you've got the dough, Tamera, go for it.
Hi Tamera: I ordered my Smart last year. In mid November we went to a dealer near where my daughter lives to see if we could test drive one. When we got there we found sitting in the showroom, the exact same car that we had ordered. This car had been rejected by its "daddy". To make a long story short we ended up buying it and actually paid less than had we waited. The only draw back is that she's now sitting in the garage protected from the harsh winter weather we get here in central New York State. Can't wait til spring. I have a white/silver cabriolet. I love it. Personally, I hate to wait for anything so my advice is if you find an orphan that you want - go ahead and buy it. Good luck and enjoy! Linda from Trumansburg, NY
I bought an orphan last month, but my case is different - I never made a reservation. The car is great, I was charged MSRP and it wasn't loaded with dealer add-ons. The only difference between the way the car is and how I would have ordered it is it doesn't have heated seats. What I've learned since getting it is with the cloth you really don't need the feature - the seats aren't nearly as cold as leather.

That said, the Rolling Stones said you can't always get what you want, and they're right. You've got a chance to get exactly what you want - a car ordered to your personal specifications, without compromise, without settling, and life doesn't give you that opportunity often if your last name isn't Hilton (and then you'd be stuck with Paris for a sister).

As you've already configured, it should be getting close, and now it's the dead of winter anyway which is a lousy time to get a new car. I'd wait if it were me, but I'd wait with my eyes open - check around and see if an orphan pops up with exactly the same spec you ordered. If it does, you can pounce knowing you've cut down your wait and not lost out on anything.
I got an orphan in April 08 and it was exactly what I wanted, so I was very pleased. I got the reserved one in 12Dec and I had to get a blue and black one because they the yellow and black(which I originally wanted) are not available in the 09's, so I was extremely lucky that I got the yellow and black orphan. I love having 2 Smarts.... One was a birthday gift and the othere was my anniversary gift. I paid the same amount for the orphan(it was brand new, the customer changed their mind). I was on the reserved list since Jan.08 when I got my 1st Smart(Apr08).......... I got 2 Smarts in an 8mth period, not too bad..............
After waiting since August 07, I just got my Passion on Saturday. I have to say that it is a blast to drive and a lot of fun, and I wish I had gotten it earlier.

My recommendation would be to keep your eyes out for an orphan, and if you can find one you like, with the features and color you want, at the MSRP price without add-ons, then get it. Be sure it is a 2009 model year, as the 2008s may drop a little more in value as time goes on.

The dealers are getting more and more orphans, as reservation holders are not picking them up as much as in the past. If you decide to wait it out for your reservation, it may turn out that you can get it below MSRP down the road.

PS - Whether you wait out your reservation or get an orphan, be sure to get the Tach/Clock option added on the dash. The tachometer is very helpful in changing gears when using the paddle shifters.
I have reserved in April '08 and have not yet gotten the config email yet. They say that I'm still on the list for it. I live in Phoenix and haven't felt to look into the orphans yet. If it gets close to June and no config yet, then I might think about an orphan. It just depends on if you're wanting to wait for the right model and accessories or not. For me, I'll still be patient. Good luck with your quest!
I purchased my orphan 2 weeks ago. I reserved in April 08. and configured in Nov 08.
But no DDE since. I need to plan, so after several meaningless E-mail replies from Smart I drove to the second closest dealer (20) miles away. I located a nicer car and was finished with the paperwork within 40 mins. All this was done at MSRP nothing added. I love the car and have no regrets. Wish I had done it sooner. :) Michael
I have a Brabus on order, but last November an Orphan came available just like I wanted-color and all-so I bought it. I am enjoying it to the 9's while waiting on my Brabus. It is really a sweet car and am thinking that I will keep it when my Brabus comes in.
I contacted 3 different dealers and found that all had orphans and of the three one was willing to negotiate on the price. I have decided to hold off completely for a bit to save up more, watch the economy, & watch the smart.
I really wanted a Yellow/Silver Cabrio and knew if I waited for my ordered car (I had not yet configured) I would not get it. A Yellow /Silver Cabrio became an orphan and I absolutely adopted. So glad I did. Love love love this little car! Good luck to you!

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