So I have just past my 1year mark for being a reservation holder and yes it has been a very very long year. I did do my configuration in November which was wonderful. But now with the economy pretty much dieing in the car industry I think, I could be wrong but honestly I think they have slowed down in production on the Smart cars, at least for the US. After calling the 3 closest dealerships to me all of them being 200+ miles away when they all told me they have around 12-15 orphaned cars, I was shocked. So now I am wondering if I should just get an orphaned car as I don't see my reservation advancing anytime soon.

I have also noticed that the cars were running a bit cheaper than the estimated amount that I had reserved one for. I think that is a bit odd, but there are odder things in this world.

So I have a question for those that got an orphaned car, is it what you wanted? Did you pay around the same amount? Are you happy you got it instead of waiting?

My question for those still waiting on their original car,are you considering an orphaned? How long have you been waiting?

Anyways I hope that everyone is very happy with their smart no matter how they got it!

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I was waiting for my car ( I reserved in April 08'- configured in Nov 08') and then my DDE went dead. Well things worked out $ wise and I was in Portland (OR) for a interveiw. I stopped in and talked with my salesman and fell in love with a black Pure, needless to say I brought it home. and I will cancel my reserved Passion when it gets to the Dealer. I say go out and find an Orphan.
I'm specifically waiting for my white Passion, because I'm going to wrap it with advertising.

I received a call from the dealer about purchasing an orphan, but everything they had in stock had been "upgraded" with features that I didn't need. Plus, the dealer was charging about 4x what would have been "normal" for the added features, bringing the cost up to nearly $20,000.

Based on that exchange, I have assumed two things. First, that it would be nearly impossible to find an orphan with the specs that I ordered and two, that the dealer would up-charge me for unnecessary add-ons.

Unfortunately, the dealer is an hour from my home, so I can't just "pop in" to see what's available.

To be honest, I would be willing to buy an orphan in white that's reasonably close to what I ordered if I could pay MSRP. We are in the middle of moving cars around in my household, and I could use the smart sooner than my DDE.
I ordered my car on 3-1-08 and my DDE now says 1-21-09 thru 4-21-09. I bought an orphan on 10-11-08 and paid a little more because it has a special paint job ( purple passion ) but other than that I got everything I wanted and just love my car and happy that I got an orphan. go for it!
I have a Brabus on order, but earlier this month the dealer , had an orphan that was equipped like the one I had made a reseveration for in May of 08. Went and looked at the car, it was the new rally red ,beautiful color, No dealer add ons, and I purchased the smart, just love it, a fun mode of transporation. Not sure what I will do about the Brabus.
Life is short. Get an orphan and enjoy while it lasts :)
For those that want, I "discovered" that Car Max has a few Smart cars nationwide. I guess that you could get one there, if they had the right model/coler, etc.
I never realized that so many people were waiting on their smarts. I only started looking at the smart website a couple weeks before I got the car and I spent all my time looking at options and colors. We walked into the dealer and I asked what they had in a 2009 passion with heated seats and power steering. They had 4 different color combos - I went with the silver with black stripe - very classy looking. I got a nice deal on the car and they threw in the fog lights because I didn't want them and they did not have a car without it but with the options I wanted. If I thought I would have had to wait months I am sure I would have gotten something else. I am glad that didnt happen, I love my smart.
smart grrrl 7 said:
I contacted 3 different dealers and found that all had orphans and of the three one was willing to negotiate on the price. I have decided to hold off completely for a bit to save up more, watch the economy, & watch the smart.
i reserved my smart sometime in the middle of march and I just got configure it today. So it doesnt seem to be taking me that long in the whole swing of things. Even my dealer (nick, hes a great guy) was surprised. He said it would probably be within 4-6 months and Id have my car...
Hi Tamera,
As some have stated, it **would** be great to have the exact car you want. I used to always custom order my cars, as I didn't want to get one that had stuff I didn't want.

Having said that... Depending on what you specked out as "Must Have" as opposed to the "Nice To Have", you might want to keep your eyes open for an Orphan, or even a Double Orphan. What's a Double Orphan? A Pre-Owned orphan.

My wife & I just happened to stop into the San Antonio Smart Center on April 28th on a whim, to see what a Smartie actually was. They had about a dozen Orphans and 2 dozen orders to be picked up. Over in the Pre-Owned area sat a Blue & Silver Cab. Seems that the original owners wanted this same model with Heated Seats and Gauge Cluster, so they bought this orphan while they waited for their "Perfect" Smartie. So, I guess, since this was an Orphan that was "Abandoned" for an ordered model, you could call this a Double Orphan.

To me, this Double Orphan wasn't "Perfect", but it had more than everything I **needed**. One week later, on Cinco De Mayo, I adopted my little orphan at a substantial savings off the regular price.

I may raise a few people's hackles with this but...
One Year vs One Week. Depending on what you **need** and what you **want**, why suffer unnecessarily? Think about all those lonely forsaken Orphans out there that need a good home.

Like they say with pets... Don't Buy... Adopt!

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