Shouhd I buy the extended warranty or stick with the standard warranty ?

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I bought the extended warranty because repairs are so expensive these days. I have a 1971 mercedes sl and in 1971 I paid $9,600 for the car. Last summer I paid $6000 to put in a new transmission. I won't keep the Smart that long, but I want to know what my repair costs might be - the extended warranty is like insurance!
So far our expenses for maintenance and repair are beginning to approach the cost of the vehicle. On average we find ourselves in the shop every other month. The latest stay was for a month. How much of this is inherent to the vehicle or how much is attributable to the incompetence of the dealer is difficult to assess. Without the extended warranty we would be approaching upside-down with the smart. Unlike other dealers we have worked with over the years, we also find ourselves having to remind the dealer that we have an extended warranty each time we face a major repair cost. We are also on our third windshield on the vehicle. The front end design tends to make it far more vulnerable to road rocks than other vehicles. Of course, this is not an extended warranty issue but a design and insurance issue.

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