Apparently the safety features in the Smart Cabrio do work. The accompanying scan of a story in Tuesday's issue of our local newspaper indicate that the little Smart held up pretty well to a rollover.

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It wasn't a Cabrio until the rescue squads cut the top off to extract the driver. The driver screwed up, the car protected her from serious injury, and the rescuers followed the book to extract her without any additional injury. Overall, a very happy ending.

We're now seeing the results of numerous Smart Car accidents -- I haven't heard about one that resulted in serious injury or death. This is, of course, excellent news. What's the worst accident that you've seen a Smart involved in? (ignore the nasty YouTube video that is actually a VW)
I beleive there was one in the SE taht got rearended and pushed into traffic or something like that.
Yeah.... how exactly does someone pass a car, and catch a car's WHEEL? What.... did the camaro have custom wheels that were like 4' wide or something? Or was the lady driving the car thinking "Eeeh.... i can make it" as she was next to the camaro.
... or did the 18 yr old camaro driver speed up, because he didn't want to be passed by a smart, and she was surprised by that? ...
If you look closely at the photo, the road is 4 lanes, so when the smart was passing, it must have been in the second of the two lanes on her side. By my judgement, she wasn't doing any thing risky at the time.
I have tremendous respect for and trust in the Smart's designed in crash cage...This is a well designed car...
This is my followup from an e-mail to Smart Center Knoxville on my original post: (by the way it was a coupe, not a cabrio)
Yes, she bought the smart here. I called and spoke with her husband the next day and he said she was a little bruised, but doing fine. She was at home resting. The Volunteer Fire Dept. is going to take a field trip to our dealership to see the Tridon Cell Display so they will know how it is put together in the event of another smart accident. They didn't know how to attack it at the accident, and cut the top off to get her out because it was on it's side. If they hadn't cut the top off and removed her through the door, it would have been repairable. We are pleased to see how well it held up.
Frank -- thanks for the update. Glad to hear she's OK. Would she give you any details on what actually happened?

Someone should send the technical manual to ALL fire departments so they can learn how to get us out safely without unnecessarily sacrificing the car.
What a wreck!! What a car!! This is more fuel to slience those doubters, naysayers, and SUV owners who claim that bigger is better. I hope this can make it's rounds to the dealers across america as a safety testimony to the fact that this really is one well built little car. I just hope the person can get a replacement Smartie soon. It is great to hear that she is doing ok.
Ted- No need to worry about a concerted campaign to kill off the smart. It has been in production for over 10 years and there are 1 million worldwide. The early Corvair had suspension problems which GM stonewalled but corrected with the second generation. That was a very good car but couldn't compete in the era of the "ponycar". They never could fix the oil leaks either.

The Pinto was fine unless you got rearended and it exploded. Other than that it was so so.

The recent IIHS tests were a blip on the 24/7 news cycle. If you buy a car based upon IIHS data you'll buy a Buick. Most people have never heard of them and fewer could care. Keep driving your smart and keep smiling.

smart owners- Defying death every day ! (and loving it)

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