I read on the scoa website that smart was going to offer a tranny
upgrade so it would shift better. ( like the 09's).
Reducing a lot of the shift lag.
Has anyone heard about this or when the release date is?

Just a little F.Y.I. for you all.


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I also have heard this at our recent breakfast meet & greets. What I've heard is the upgrade is a "software upgrade" for our electronically-controlled transmissions, and echoes what John is saying, i.e., reduced shift lag, as well as smoother shifting. The latest I had heard was that the upgrade would also allow use of the paddle shifters, even when the shifter is in "auto" mode. This upgrade was apparently supposed to already be available, but has been delayed. That 1-2 shift quirk is getting old now, so I'll welcome the upgrade when it's available.
It is here. Our dealership had its one year anniversary party on Saturday. Good fun. Anyway the opening announcement included the fact that there was a service person there to make appointments including the transmission software upgrade, if so desired. Car goes in tomorrow morning.
On smartmadness.com they have Sprint Boosters, which are probably what the 09' models have. They claim that it erases 99% of the lag were experiencing with our 08' models. It explains everything on here. They want $330 for one. I'm not sure what the dealer's offering...
Easiest tranny upgrade is Redline MT-90 fluid change. 8mm hex takes care of both drain and fill plugs. MT-90 worked great in mine... took the "nod" off the shift by noticible amount and the lag seem to improve somewhat as well.
I had my 08 flashed at the dealer and let me tell you... Its great! before the flash when accelerating in 1 or 2 or even 3rd you would get a slow progression of acceleration and then in the upper revs you would have an annoying peak that seemed to throw you backward in the seat. I often compared it to a pendulum. Now the acceleration is very nice flat and predictable... it feels more consistent through the whole rev range thus causing less bobbing when it finally changes to the next gear. It really is hard to explain but let me tell you 25,000 08 owners GET IT FLASHED!
yes the paddles do work now at all times to down shift. and if you hold the + paddle for 2 secs or more it goes into D mode again.
another nice thing seems to be that the trans. does much better in very slow traffic.. parking lots, jams, stop lights. It feels like when you stop it does not squat and pop the rear up like it did before the trans.2.0 flash
I got it done. They dealers have the upgrade and it shifts much smoother. Also now I can use the paddle shifters to switch between manual and automatic.

best, Max
I was recently to the dealer for the 10,000mile service. The dealer was attempting to put in the software upgrade into another Smart car. Apparently Smart sent them the wrong software and so I did not have the
upgrade done. The booster that Smart Madness has is no where near the software upgrade...IT IS BY FAR THE BEST THING THAT YOU CAN DO AT THIS POINT. I am in no way affiliated with them but my brother
put there version 3 upgrade in his 09 and called me to tell me how much it resembled the Mini that he had.

He was willing to bet me that his 09 can beat my 08 from a standing start every time. I did not even bother to try racing him. going for a ride in his car was like driving the Mini again and I was known to do some serious speeding in that little baby.. as soon as I get the money around it is the next addition to my Smart...
I had the repair made earlier this week and its fantastic! I very rarely used the manual shifter before but I use it all the time now. It is even more fun to drive my smart now than it was before.
It has been done, along with a new battery. The reprogrammed transmission is FANTASTIC. The new improved battery was a surprise. I didn't know I was getting one until I picked up the car.
I got mine yesterday, I love the new shifting features. The shifting time is barely faster. But 1 --> 2 is fastest.
I received a letter yesterday, from Smart Inc., inviting me to contact the local Smart dealer, for "the upgrade to the new 2009 operating mode"

I'll call next week to schedule the service..
I just got my car done today. I'm quite happy with the reprogram. What I like best is that the creep function is far less annoying. In traffic it doesn't seem to have have the jerky feeling it used to. It feels like it shifts a bit smoother and a slightly faster, most noticeably with the 1-2 shift.

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