Hello all. I'm a new group member. Still a reservation holder. I live in the Kansas City area and periodically we get a pretty dump of snow this time of year. So I'm wondering how the Smart goes in the snow. Any experience?

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Hi Skip,

I've had my Smartie since May 2008, and have been running it all winter. I didn't buy snow tires just using the tires that came will it. I live in central Massachusetts and get quite a bit of snow. In January alone we have had close to 65 inches. I have always loved rear wheel drive cars and love driving in the snow. I have not been able to spin the back end out. The last snow fall Wednesday had freezing rain with it so it was a little crazy, but nothing I couldn't handle. I have not got stuck once and I have a hill by my house that my other car I used to have got stuck several times. So for me winter has been no problem, but everyone is different when it comes to driving in snow.
we had only one snowfall in Iowa since I got mine, and it handled it better than my Pryus and Chrysler. I was quite impressed. Before I decided to get smart car, I checked all kinds of blogs, and I found that a lot of Canadians really love their smarts and they brag that they drive them on snow and ice all the time, and also that cleaning it from the snow and ice is very easy, someone said that she "...only had to sneeze once to clear it from the snow". :-)
You will be fine. I also didn't opt for snow tires and keep up fine on my 16 mile commute in snowy Chicago. Sometimes it's hard to switch lanes when the roads haven't been plowed, but that's true with any car. It's fun driving in the snow :)

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