The Penske Automotive Group,Inc,which is the national importer and distributor of Smart in the USA is in serious financial difficulty...Its credit rating has been lowered to junk status and it just announced it is suspending its stock dividend...Penske also owns Smart dealerships( including the one in Arizona) as well as Mercedes dealerships...All auto businesses are in trouble due to reduction in sales...I helped Penske by buying my Smart last Saturday...Let us all hope that Penske survives and Smarts continue to be imported...

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Selling an automobile where people wait months/years and pay list price is a viable industry, if not for Penske, for someone. We'll see smart cars in the US for years to come.
Today, Penske reported a 4th quarter loss of $509.9 million, a loss of $5.61 a share...They declined to project future earnings...
Buying Smart is the only way to save this economy!!!!
Boys, boys ,boys ! Stop it ! OK. Robert, you're right- PAG is in trouble. Gary- You're right- MB-North America probably would pick up smart in a New York minute now that the cars are here, are selling, and could be "up-sold as well.

But smart isn't going away even if PAG does- There are still plenty of people with money who wouldn't mind picking up an existing dealer netwrok with a hot selling car. If smart is still selling, in this economy, with gas at $2.50, down from $4.00 the existing dealers alone could form a co-op and bring in the cars without PAG.

Keep driving- keep smiling.
Lets move on. I would suggest that this topic would be better on a financial forum and not on a consumer forum. I see no good coming from this topic for this site.

I've had mine for 3 weeks and am guilt free.
Less car, less gas, less cost, more happiness.
What else could I ask for?
Yesterday I was at the Chicago Auto Show and I have to tell you, the smart display was jambed. I still don't have my car yet but when people found out that I have one on order I was being grilled with questions. What did I order, when, what color, what model and when did I expect to receive it?
In 2008,Penske distributed 27,000 Smarts in the USA and earned $88 million doing it...They currently have 31,000 reservations for the Smart...I agree that Smart is a success...
Penske is eager to cut overhead costs...In Arizona, they laid off 1/3 of their business office staff...
This is such a BS thread. General Motors has a greater chance of failing than smart...
Yes, this is a BS(Bob Stout) thread...Penske, the importer and national distributor of Smart in the USA,is at risk of bankruptcy, while Smart is fine...Penske is also a multinational auto retail dealer for numerous brands ,including exotics and Mercedes, which are hit with low sales...Penske has high overhead expenses and debt service which must be paid through high sales...Smart sales in the USA is showing a profit and another buyer may be found (after a delay for financing etc) should Penske go out of business...We are in the middle of a national deep recession and credit crunch,so if you are surprised by this,you need to read the news more often...
Our local smartcenter is owned by a Lexus dealership. I don't know how they are fairing, but it seems that since the smart is one of the few cars that is still selling in decent numbers, that there would always be someone who would pick up dealerships and distribution, since all the groundwork for import has been laid.
Sounds to me like the original poster has an axe to grind about Penske...

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