Cost when you reserved vs cost when delivered?

I've been told 18 - 22 months to wait for my lil car. I'm curious, since I am now waiting for the 2010 model, those of you that ordered in one model year and received the next year, what was the price increase?

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Wow that's almost two years! I feel for you. Smart needs to do something to build these cars quicker. Even waiting one year is ridiculous. I hope Smart addresses this soon so people can start enjoying their cars.

Smarts have only been on sell this year in the US. Not sure who would know the price increase for next year's version yet except smartusa and they don't seem to be talking yet. It would be interesting to know what new colors and other options will be available for 09. Hopefully they will be getting that information out soon.

Thanks for the reply. I suppose you are right, even though current owners purchased a year ago, they were ordering the 08 and got the 08. I'm ordering in 08 looking at 08 prices and probably will receive a 10 and who knows what the price will be. It will be interesting to see the changes. I'm hearing cruise control (not something that trips my trigger) and a new red color. I'm sure there will be other new things as well.
I'm not sure that we are locking in a price when we make the reservation . It will be middle 09 b4 i get mine
You can see on the Web site that for 2009 the base price for all three models has increased by $400.
The announced price increase "after December 31, 2008" is $400 but I suggest people start pointing out to the dealers that the euro has now fallen over 20% since mid summer so the pricing should be adjusted since this is an import
They told me 18-24 months to get one. That was May 08. My DDE is Mar-May09. I will get an 09 model. In watching all of the blogs and the info on this site, I can see that delivery times are running faster. Hang in there !

I got my DDE today Feb - April 2010. So you reserved 1 month before me and should get yours 1 year ahead of me. Does that sound right? I'm in MN where are you located? I understand that matters.
I was told that SmartUSA sets the price. I also brought up the Euro vs. Dollar and this was what I was told. Now that the gas price has come down a bit maybe we can haggle about the price. I've NEVER paid sticker for a car and I'm 51 years old. Bobb
I waited 13 months for mine and got it at the 13,999 plus add on's.. that was for the Passion
when I ordered mine, the DDE said something like that as well....22 months. well, within the first 30 days, it changed to 18 months and every other month after that, it moved CLOSER by 3 months. in the end, it took ONLY 10 MONTHS. the price did go up slightly, but it was only about $400 over the 2008 model. if they do the 2010's like they did the '09s, if you take delivery of a 2010 before January 1 2010, you'll still get it for the 2009 price.

also, you mentioned a 'New Red'. can't see ANOTHER new red, as they have a new Rally Red for 2009. maybe they need to add a 'green', since the car is considered to be a VERY 'green car'.
Julie first of all, if there is a price increase you will be able to pull it up on the computer. I had ordered an 08 and I received an 09. And yes there was a slight increase but I knew about it. Also, why wait. contact the nearest dealer and ask about the orphan's. That's what I finally took. There was an increase in price (not much) but that was for the extra equipment (comfort package) and that was o.k.. It is a fun car and mine is 7 weeks old and already have 3200 miles on the car.

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