According to smartUSA and scBloomfield, the bike rack, or should I say the basic rack and the bike kit since there are 2 seperate accesories, are still not available, and just a limited few should arrive in the next month or two. I couldn't wait, because by then, if lucky enough to get one even, summer will be half over. So I ventured out to several places trying to find a bike rack that might work with our smarts. And I have suceeded.

DISCLAIMER: I'm sure smartUSA wouldn't like me suggesting products to get around theirs, but hey, let's face it, they are way behind on making them available to us. So I'm making my suggestion based on availability, not price, quality, or compatibility.

The rack I found was at Dick's sporting goods for $40. (The smart rack, I'm told, is roughly 14 times that.... you do the math as, again, I'm not trying to take sales away from sUSA). It has seemed to work just fine on my car with one bike (Being single, I'm not sure how it is with 2). On a normal car, the upper hooks would attach at the top of the trunk and the lowers under the bumper. As you know, this isn't feasible on the smart, so I spent a great deal of time figuring out how it could securely work. With the tailgate lowered, I ran the upper hooks over and under the tailgate, and secured them underneath, the lowers I ran directly underneath where the uppers came out when the gate was closed. The foam padding on this particular rack seemed to work just great, with the upper rack resting on the lip above the license plate, and the lower foam-padded bar tucking securely under the tailgate, above the bumper. (You do want to secure the front tire or handlebars however, so the tire doesnt swing into the car. I have a backup camera installed, so I drove around at lower speeds at first to keep an eye on it and make sure everything was alright, and it was. Then I strapped a bike to it and off I went. I cruised to the park, getting up to 50mph and all was good. I'm not sure at expressway speeds so far, for long trips I would probably suggest getting the smart brand rack for peace of mind, but for short city trips to the nearby park, I believe this rack may be a solution to those who want something before the smart rack is available.






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Very ingenious! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the bike rack info, I have ordered the low end model so no convertible.
I have a rack similar to yours so I think I can attach it some how.
If it is possible, I would suggest that you make the arms of the rack, the ones that support the top tube of the bike, parallel to the ground of even tilted a bit toward the back of your car. So that
gravity tends to keep the bike leaning a bit toward your car and not off the rack. I had
a bike blow off a rack like this back in Oregon and it was not fun.
Thanks again. Great pictures.
Mark Wheeler,
Woolwich, Maine
Thanks again for the info. I had never thought of putting upper straps where you did.

I am also looking into putting rack attached to the tow sockets but putting a threaded

rod into each side and a square Thule bar over the rod, and then a standard Thule

bike rack across, removing the front wheel.

Thanks for the ideas.

Mark in Maine
I have something very similar to your solution, I have mine mounted higher, Having it lower like this seems like it may work.
see this discussion. It seems like another elegant solution. I am waiting to hear from GoMiniGo on whether they will produce the longer bolts. The 'Boa' rack from Yakami is only $60 and locks in the front fork and read wheel (although you have to put the front wheel inside --always a good security feature anyway.
I am wondering when one of you will get pulled over for the Liscense plate being partially blocked. I know here in Texas, they are real picky about the word Texas being covered. They even passed a law that they can fine you if you plaque that goes around your plate is covering the damn word. One reason they make the wheel chair holders have the plate on the outside. Grant it, they are on all the time, but some of you bike enthusiasts have your bikes on there ALL the time too. :) Seems like they would offer a plate holder that would attack to the bike holder, along with a quick dissconnect to reattach quickly to your car. Well, happy motor/biking and may the FUZZ leave you alone.
It still amazes me that it is possible to drive around with license plates and taillights obscured by bicycles.

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