Hey, there are many of you out there who are contemplating getting a smart, maybe its for you or maybe its not. Genius Ride is providing an essential service to all smart enthusiasts. You can rent a smart passion fortwo coupe or cabrio for a few days. There is no better way to test drive a smart car than renting one from Genius Ride. Check out www.geniusride.com

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$540.00 a week! WOW! That's more than a monthly car payment for a Lincoln...

Other than that it's a nice idea.
hey guys, this service is not a regular car rental company. The weekly rate is a small discount based on the daily rate x 7 days. Most people rent the smart car for a day or two to make sure they like the car and feel confident purchasing one. To pay $80 for a daily rental is a small investment if you are deciding to fork over $20,000 for a small car. In addition, every rental comes with numerous services including delivery and pick-up service. Also Genius Ride, LLC is a legitimate company, unlike others advertising smart car rentals who have no rental insurance and don't accept credit cards. Thanks, Genius Ride

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