Has anyone had their Smart plate refused by your local Division of Motor Vehicles?!?

I just got this message from the virginia DMV today - they sent me back my check but absolutely no explanation why. When I inquired, this is the e-mail I received:

After reviewing the record it indicates that the personalized message "SMARTIB" was showing as being an objectionable message and was not created. This was reviewed by the license plate committee and it looks like this plate was not approved.

You can bet I'm going to contest this with the review board!

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What does the "IB" stand for?
I can't read it as anything but "smart - ee - bee" so I can't see any reason to refuse the tag. . . I'd complain and contest it too, were it me. . .
Good Luck~!
Smart I B - as in I am smart. Maybe they feel there is a potential offending possiblity with the "I B" taking the place of "I AM".
You never know who looks at these and what they are thinking in the process.
Good Luck with it.
Perhaps they thought it could be perceived by some as "smarty bit*h" ? It's not the kind of language I engage in but that's the only negative thing I can make of it.
Maybe they couldn't figure it out.

Not sure about where you are, but the CA DMV employees aren't too bright...
So Be creative!!!! "40MPG" "Smat42" "2smat4U"
Thanks everyone for replying. The intent is Smart I Be (IB) because Smart I AM is too many letters. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me something I couldn't figure out - Craig, your suggestion is interesting - one I hadn't considered. I've sent my letter off to the review board - we'll see what their explanation is.
can you figure out this one? SUVSKPOD
SUVSKPOD = SUV escape pod?
I had SMT ASS denied. Was approved and got NOT DUM....

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