Has anyone had their Smart plate refused by your local Division of Motor Vehicles?!?

I just got this message from the virginia DMV today - they sent me back my check but absolutely no explanation why. When I inquired, this is the e-mail I received:

After reviewing the record it indicates that the personalized message "SMARTIB" was showing as being an objectionable message and was not created. This was reviewed by the license plate committee and it looks like this plate was not approved.

You can bet I'm going to contest this with the review board!

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Hey Sara, it's Craig in Alexandria. I was behind an SUV yesterday that had VA plates "SUCKS". Thought of this post and amazed that plate made it through the conservative Richmond DMV board and not yours. Not only that but they were custom North Carolina University plates w/ the school logo right before the "SUCKS".
How about IB smart? Is what you want but backwards and no confussion with Smarti B****
Wow, Craig, thanks for that report. I'm still waiting to connect to someone over at DMV in Richmond - we've been playing phone tag. But I've asked her to explain to me how SMART IB can be offensive, profane or vulgar. Now I have even more ammunition if they let a plate like SUCKS through!

(IB SMART was taken...)
NP Sarah,
You're right, if they allow SUCKS which denotes negativity or vulgarity and nothing else, then yours (which given the car it'll be on is about as positive and clear cut as can be) should clearly be allowed. We all send you hope and look forward to hearing of a happy news out of Richmond.
Well, thanks for everyone for standing by and offering comments. I finally talked with someone in Richmond and right off the bat she said they've reconsidered and would offer me SMART IB. Seems that the processor did not put space in between the SMART and the IB and, congratulations Craig, you guessed it. They thought it had something to do with the word *btch*. Although I STILL can't see how SMARTIB can be read that way. (Backwards it spells BITRAMS but that doesn't mean anything!) But maybe someone at the DMV was just having a bad day the day they got my request.

Anyway, hopefully SMART IB will B out on the roads soon!
Congratulations Sara!
I knew the B word was a long shot but it was the only thing I could come up with. That's great that VA DMV was able to put a human element on it and do the right thing!
Just "get a life" and the next consecutive tag number. You must not have much to occupy yourself if you worry about that sort of crap
Greg Ballantyne said:
Just "get a life" and the next consecutive tag number. You must not have much to occupy yourself if you worry about that sort of crap

Do you "have a life".?

Apparently not, as you found this soooo important you had to comment...
Congratulations, Sara!


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