Personalized License plates--what do you have on your Smart?

Ok. most of us have custom plates on our Smarts. Some of us are a little lost on what to put on our cars. what do you have on yours? I have custom number plates from England that say "SC 42 PCZ" that brakes down to (Smart Car ForTwo Passion Coupe and the Number of cars I have owned up to that point 26=Z) My US plates are limited to six letters/or numbers. it is just to bad that my car is not here yet.

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mine says "smartreb", because i am a southern transplant up north.
Paradise, CA? My in-laws used to live there - now my daughter's in-laws live there. Ever heard of Paradise Beach?

Mary Ann said:
My Smart is PINK and I do a lot of sewing/quilting, so my plates say "QLT*BLX" for quilt blocks. I have a little quilt on the dash board holding lots of little pins that I pick up on my travels. I live in Paradise, and can't go anyplace without someone remarking that they saw me!
Here is mine.

Mine is "BEMINE1" nothing to do with my work or anything btw i sell crowd control barriers
mine is SMARTREB. i am a "southern transplant" up north. my little red smarty makes me smile everyday!

The first registed in NC, but someone inappropriate in a University setting
Just bought my plates, they're VA "Drive Smart" (VA campaign against stupid people on the road, but I thought it was and good choice) and they say KLUG my smart's name German for clever/ loosely translated to smart :)
My car has: "Smart I"...with the price of gas rising again, appropriate.
Just got mine

I chose 1WEECAR. I was lucky to get a plate that I could use 7 characters. I've also seen WEEEEE AND NOTATOY
Mine say's TOI BENZ
That's a great one!

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