I want a diesel.

Smart is claiming that its latest diesel
(cdi) fortwo model is “the most economical
production car worldwide.”
Combined fuel consumption is 3.3 L/100
km and CO2 emissions 88 g/km. With an
annual mileage of 15,000 km (9300 mi),
drivers of the cdi would only have to refuel
15 times a year, claims the company.
It also cited the power unit as the world’s
smallest direct-injection diesel car engine.

from --- http://www.sae.org/automag/globalvehicles/04-2008/1-116-4-10.pdf

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The MHD version would also be a great option. I love to see either or both of these option become availabel in the US.
I'd buy a diesel also ,I already own an E320CDI ,I love the gas milege
We have a E320CDI too and would love to see a diesel smart car like the first generation.
to me..a diesel is a no brainer....
Also want a diesel.....

Dealer said a diesel will be available in Canada and one "can easily" exchange engines. HMMM?

Sold on diesels - own an E-class and a Sprinter (Roadtrek) - both using biodiesel.
I would not buy the gas version - halting drive was not a "feature." I understand the Euro version diesel did not have this problem. Bring it to the US and I'd be on your list.
I would consider a Diesel Smart, but can't see how it could be considered a "no brainer" in the US. In Europe Diesel costs less than Gas, so its a better deal there.

Diesel gets about 30% better mileage than gas, but Diesel costs about 30% more than gas in the US, so fuel cost is almost a break even. You don't have to fill up Diesel as often, but a larger fuel tank could solve that.

Diesel has a higher carbon content than gas, so the carbon footprint is about the same.

It takes more petroleum to produce a gallon of Diesel than it does to produce a gallon of gas, so there is no real saving in the use of fossil fuel by a change to diesel.

Considering overall operating costs, even at $4.00 per gal, fuel is still less than 25% of the cost of owning and operating a motor vehicle, so first cost, cost of maint, depreciation, etc are 3 times as important as the fuel mileage. On that basis, Smart is still the most economical vehicle available, and the gasoline Smart may or may not be more economical than Diesel. The Diesel first cost will be more, and the Diesel will probably require more frequent oil changes.
The price of diesel in Germany is higher than premium gasoline, and has been for a year.

Per litre burned, the CO2 emissions from diesel are greater, HOWEVER, getting 60.0 US MPG as I do in mine, I would have to be averaging 54 US MPG in a gas smart to get to the same low level of CO2.

Another factor is maintenance. In Canada they shortened the cdi's service interval from 12,500 km (~8000 miles) to 8000 km (5000 miles), which compares to the 15,000 km interval for the gas powered one. So the diesel will need servicing nearly twice as often. If you DIY as I do, there is no really significant difference, other than a slight bit of additional oil.

Having the cdi as an option on the 451 would be good. The press would hate the car, as it's very slow.
WEE-SUV: It's my understanding that Diesel is made from whatever is not used in the making of gasoline. That's one reason why a lot of trucking companies got pissed during the whole gas hike we had. There's no reason at all for Diesel to be nearly $1 more per gallon than gas even now with gas prices around half of what they used to be. Think back to BEFORE the gas prices started to skyrocket. Diesel was ALWAYS cheaper than gas.
My daughter owns a 2006 VW diesel and is outraged by the price differential between gas and diesel fuel...I would seriously consider a diesel engine for my next Smart,primarily for the mpg bragging rights...
I am with you sticky. I would also like to see an eco friendly version of the diesel make it over here too. We should start a petition??
ummmm i seem to remember that the price of diesel became more expencive than gas when they started makeing them take the sulfer out of the diesel at least i think it was sulfer so the extra prosess extra cash but ya they r still gouging us 48$ a barrel was 148$ a barrel and gas is only 1/2 it was....... shocker exon/moble broke their record profit again

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