I want a diesel.

Smart is claiming that its latest diesel
(cdi) fortwo model is “the most economical
production car worldwide.”
Combined fuel consumption is 3.3 L/100
km and CO2 emissions 88 g/km. With an
annual mileage of 15,000 km (9300 mi),
drivers of the cdi would only have to refuel
15 times a year, claims the company.
It also cited the power unit as the world’s
smallest direct-injection diesel car engine.

from --- http://www.sae.org/automag/globalvehicles/04-2008/1-116-4-10.pdf

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I don't understand why diesel fuel costs more to produce than gasoline. True it has more BTU's than gas does, but basically isn't diesel fuel just light sweet Texas crude that's been filtered to remove the chunks and particles? Of course # 1 diesel is quite a bit more refined. The side issue has been that diesel burns dirtier than gas, but if you stretch the useage of a gallon of diesel fuel over 74 miles it's going to come out a lot cleaner by comparison than the gallon in a semi that only goes 6-8.
I've driven diesel cars in Europe. they have plenty of power and pickup, are much quieter than expected, and are very economical.
Pickup with the diesel is very slow.

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