We have been a smart owner since April 2008. I first saw them in Italy while on Navy Reserve duty, and fell in love.

A couple weeks ago, my wife woke in the middle of the night with an idea for a smart tshirt, which we can print. She has a digital garment printing and embroidery business.

We showed the shirts to our smart center, in Jacksonville, FL and they loved it. Suggested we advertise it here.

If you are interested, please contact my wife, Sandi, at gizpups@aol.com.

Please include smart Tshirt in the subject line.

Michael and Sandi Biskie
Proud owners of Spyke (black/silver Passion)

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Custom embroidery of smart cars already available and posted here two weeks ago. Men's and Womens clothing, backpacks, briefcases and sports bags available with your smart in your colors with your name or organization.

My embroidery source is ready to go with embroidery of your smart car with name on clothing of your choice. Below are samples of several smarts. You can browse and select clothing at the web site: www.flyingmachineembroidery.com.

To order: email dolly@flyingmachineembroidery.com I suggest you include a photo of your smart to ensure correct colors. Processing will take 2 to 3 weeks. Principle method of payment will be PayPal.

I have no direct interest in this business but simply wanted to make something unique available to all.

You could have Dolly add the name of your group such as SMUG!



NICE... thanks for the info Ken.

Would love to talk about your source.... maybe we can work together!

More info please, do you have a web site? What do the shirts look like? We can't buy what we can't see.

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