This is just a rumor, but worth considering if you are trying to get rid of your old gas guzzler.

Wild Ass Rumor of the Day: Repo Men Not Repoing SUVs, Trucks
By Robert Farago
June 21, 2008 -

Sources tell TTAC that the glut of SUVs and trucks is so bad that the banks are not calling in the repo men. I repeat: banks are cutting maximum slack to people who are behind in their loan payments– to the point where some are driving around in their vehicles without making any payments. In a bizarre way, this makes perfect sense. Repo services cost money. Re-conditioning costs money. Storing the vehicles costs money. Equally important, the banks/credit agencies don't take the full hit to their bottom line until they sell the vehicle. Needless to say, the market is so stuffed with both brand spanking new and slightly used (i.e. excellent condition) product that we're talking about a MASSIVE hit. What's more, our man in the auction biz tells us that many dealers are holding their light trucks until the end of the month– and then selling them without reserve. You can imagine what that's doing to residuals. If not, check this from Tom Folliard, president and chief executive officer of CarMax: "During the quarter, wholesale industry prices for SUV's and trucks declined nearly 25%, which is approximately four times the normal depreciation expected over this period and well in excess of the depreciation expected over a full year. This is the most rapid depreciation of any vehicle segment that we have experienced in our 15 years."

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Too bad our SUV is paid up.
The trade in value of my '03 Toyota 4Runner in January '08 was about $18,000. In May it was about $10,000. I paid it off in April. Now I have a Smart car loan I have to pay on for the next 5 years. Yeah!
I kept the 4Runner in case I need to carry more than 1 extra person or something big. Wasn't worth trading it in. It is more valuable to me keeping it. It has low mileage and is in excellent shape. Too bad I only have a one car garage. Guess who now sleeps outside. :)

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