I just got a new smart Chrome grill surround. Looking at it, I can tell that it just snaps into place.. no tools required. HOWEVER, I want to 'unsnap' the original Black Grill surround and save it without breaking any of the plastic tabs.. Has anyone done this? I hesitate to push the 3 top tabs that can be seen from taking off the little hood until I know thats how to do it... The don't look very strong. Any help is appriciated.. THANKS, Bill and ( Orphan) Annie

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Hi Bill -- Of course I can't say I have ever done this. Still waiting for my Brabus. But the way I understand it from reading other posts, is that you must remove the front panel. This is the entire front of the car. Go to this web site http://evilution.co.uk/
then click on panels and then select 451 Front Panel Removal from the drop down menu box. This is a step by step to remove it. This is the only safe way to remove the front grill without breaking any of the clips. You can't get to all the clips without pulling the front. Good Luck
Thanks 'not so smart'... you need to change your name to 'so smart'.. LOL I'll read what it says and HOPEFULLY be able to do the project...THANKS AGAIN
Glsonn is correct. You do have to pull off the front to install it (according to Paul, ClassicSmarts at Round Rock Smart Center.)
Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have gone to the website evilution.co.uk and read all the directions. The 1st warm day we have, I'll place a blanket in front of Annie (in the un-heated garage) and give it try. It looks fairly easy. Thanks again.. I"m ending the discussion tomorrow.
When you are done, please post some pics.
OK.. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I am waiting until it warms up a little, so it may be a week or 2.
GLSONN....... Sounds like you already know how to remove the front clip. How long did it take you? Were there any parts that didn't go back easily? Did you remove the front in order to replace the Grill? Can someone tell me if the actual honeycomb grill insert comes out of the original grill without any problems?
I have a black panel, silver tridion car. The center grille is silver. I want to replace it with a black grille. Any idea on the part number for the black grille? Cost? I will take apart the front end when I put in the air horn(s): http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/car+accessories/exterior+access...

Thx for the hint about the built up dirt, etc.

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