Hey i am wondering how many of you all are driving the Smart Pure? That is the car i want to get as it fits my budget nicely, and from what i am told, they are harder to get as the Passion model is what the majority wants to get both in the coupe and the convertible. And another thing, how do you all like the Pure car compared to the Passion?

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Take the Handle off and turn it to a different position...

Jim Van Winkle said:
I have noticed the window crank does dig into my leg where the power window switch might not be as painful but I can still reach over and crank the passenger window up and down easily enough. The hubcaps look fantastic painted to match the body color, I painted the smart logo in the center silver and yellow. There are times when I wish I had a cabrio but that passes. Love my Black\Black\black Pure.
I did. now when I open the window just a crack, it hits the same spot. Not that big an issue, I can live with it.

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