On Monday I hit a pothole in the dark, got ESP light and then no acceleration. Stopped car and restarted, drove ok then got warning light again but car continued to drive fine for 5 miles. Got to the stop light and then it would not accelerate. Turned it off and on again a couple of times and then it seemed fine. I just went out again and drove it around for a couple of blocks with no problems. The next day got the ESP light again several times. On Wednesday I got the ESP light and Check Engine light and no acceleration. I turned the car off and tried to restart with no results. Tried several times then it finally started but the lights stayed on. I had to have it towed to the dealer 50 miles away. They ordered a speed control unit on Thursday. On Friday they called and said they noticed that I had installed a Area451 cruise control. They said that if this caused the problem it would not be covered under the warranty. Today (Monday) they called and said that they had disconnected the CC and was going to install a new computer because they were getting some weird codes. Tonight they called and said that everything was fixed. They are saying that the cruise control probably caused the problem by shorting out some things (but they can't prove it). The cruise control was not reconnected after they fixed it. They are charging me $860 and said that it would not be covered under warranty. I will pick it up on Thursday but I will probably not hook the CC back up till I can somehow verify that it is good. I have only good things to say about the CC! Before you take your car in for any repairs, remove the Cruise Control!

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If you really cannot live without the CC, then in my opinion - buy a new one. Otherwise, you will always be wondering if that problem is going to reappear with the old CC.
It's too bad a pothole caused all that misery - but I am glad your car is up and running fine !!
I have been strongly considering buying one of these cruise control units. I would very much be interested in hearing if anyone else has had ANY problems with them.
The Area451 Cruise Control is a great unit. I really don't feel that it caused my problem.
You may not feel that it caused your problem, but the dealer does and they've stuck you with a large repair bill. My fear is doing something that will void the warranty.
I am wondering - if you had smart do the installation - then they would warrant it, yes?
I asked the dealer that very question yesterday and I was told NO.
From the smart warranty booklet, emphasis added:
Some Modifications Do Not Void the Warranties But Are Not Covered
Certain changes that you might make to your vehicle do not, by themselves, void
the warranties described in this booklet. Examples of some of these changes are:
• installing non-smart USA parts, components, or equipment (such as a non-smart
USA radio or speed control)
; and
• using special non-smart USA materials or additives.
Your warranties do not cover any part that was not on your vehicle when it left
the manufacturing plant or is not certified for use on your vehicle. Nor do they
cover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that might be caused or needed
because of the installation or use of non-smart USA parts, components, equipment,
materials, or additives.
Performance or racing parts are considered to be non-smart USA parts. Repairs
or adjustments caused by their use are not covered under your warranties.
Examples of the types of alterations not covered are:
• installing accessories — except for genuine smart USA accessories installed by
an authorized smart center;
• applying rustproofing or other protection products;
• changing the vehicle’s configuration or dimensions, such as converting the
vehicle into a limousine or food service vehicle; or
• using any refrigerant that smart USA has not approved.
Picked up my car yesterday. They still did not change their minds, said that I would have to talk to the regional manager who is suppose to be in PsC next week.

Here is what the repair slip says:

Customer states check engine light on
Test for codes, found several codes stored
P061D P2122 P2123 U0002 U0121
Malfunction in ME Module
Test for shorted harness, recode old ME module
Found aftermarket cruise control spliced in to ME module
Replace and recode ME module

Doesn't say anything about when I hit the pothole or rough road the esp light came on. doesn't say anything about it taking 2 days before the check engine light came on after hitting the pothole or rough road. doesn't say anything about the cruise control was not being used at the time. All of this was told to the service manager and to smart usa service call.
Good luck David. I hope everything works out to your satisfaction.
The district manager called me today and said that they would not cover the warranty. I asked him to send me a written explanation of why they wouldn't and he said that the warranty booklet says that they are not required to and wouldn't.
Try using BBB Autoline to help you get satisfaction. They are there to help the consumer resolve warranty issues. Go to http://us.bbb.org/BBBAUTOLINE or phone at 1-800-955-5100. Good Luck
I got my cruise control back. Steven from SmartieParts said that it checked out fine on the bench and in the car. They had no problems with it at all.

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