I have had alot of comments about my smartie. A lady that I work with had a really good one. She asked me if my car came with the glue when I bought it and how long did it take me to put in together. I had not heard that one before and I thought that it was very witty and original.

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I was leaving a China Buffet and found a man standing by my Smart and he seen that I had quarters in the coin holder. He asked if it ran on quarters...hahah
My daughter has had several choice comments: When she saw the coins in the coin holder she asked if it was 'coin operated'. When I told her I want the car cover for Christmas, she asked if an outdoor grill cover wouldn't do! When I'm late getting to her house and she calls and I say I'm on the way, she says 'peddle faster!'.
While showing the car to a good-old-boy and explaining I have had the car a few days and was getting use to the drive to work ... 'You mean you drive it on the highway?'

I was asked the 'is it electric?' question, which everyone gets; but I was at a gas station, standing next to my car at a gas pump ... with the hose in my hand! (big pickup truck with an older couple that looked like they only got out of the woods a couple of times a year)

My wife's co-workers a school asked if they could open the double doors and drive it through the hallways of the school.
My friends at work were checking out the smart car in the parking lot and one of them asked if there is a size or weight limit to buy one...? I said there was nothing like that, but there is an IQ test one has to pass... his response was 'IQ test? Is that with a maximum or a minimum!?' Gotta love that!
I got a comment in the parking lot, "if you hit a wall at 80 mph the doors come open". I said back to him "I will try not to do that". How stupid?
i don't understand the one about the wall and doors, but it is probably obvious.

I found a yellow cabrio on black friday and i showed it to dad he said, Man that looks like an expensive four-wheeler (he is a surveyor just to be clear)
Yeah.... sometimes i actually think the idea of me getting a Smart is NOT a good idea.... with all the random comments people seem to get. I tend to be quite the smarta** when it comes to stupidity.....
I think that beats the line from my co-worker, although I still love his:

Who forgot to put away the Matchbox toys?
I got to have the fun of giving an elderly blind woman a ride in my car. I walked her behind it to avoid a curb and thought to have her feel the back of it. After she got in, I told her that the front of the car was about a foot in front of her feet. She thoroughly enjoyed her ride.

Just the other day, a young man nearly jumped in front of my moving car to give me a thumb's up!

The best one is posted on my page- my brother made a smart car out of oyster crackers and a little smokie sausage at Christmas! It does look real smart.
While waiting for a green light, an old lady yelled over "Is that a real car?". I nodded yes, got the green and left her way behind me!
Funny enough,

The one I get the most is the coing operated one, and one person asked if I needed to pedal it to work. I love watching people's reaction but my high school kids just love it! I don't think I had so many pictures taken before, I just hope I hardly show on them since they really just want a picture of Jack. LOL
My favorite so far is "That car looks like an orthopedic shoe!"

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