I have had alot of comments about my smartie. A lady that I work with had a really good one. She asked me if my car came with the glue when I bought it and how long did it take me to put in together. I had not heard that one before and I thought that it was very witty and original.

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I get a load of comments on Mr Blue from mostly friends at church. The latest one is if i were to ever lock my key in the car, he could take a can opener and break in the car. One other time my clutchplate went haywire, and one of the pastors said the dealership had to cut a hole in my floor so i could make like Fred Flintstone and pedal my way around town.
We stoped at Z Mart (in Tontitown Ar.) an Employee that we know was looking at our Smartie and said:
" if someone is going to hit you in the side they better have good aim."
I was waiting to pull into a parking spot. As the large sport utility backed out in my direction and began to pull away, I began to pull into the spot behind the fleeing SUV. A pedestrian which I could not see on the other side of the SUV began to walk across the parking space as I pulled in. I stopped the car and let him pass to his car. As I got out of the car the gentleman turned to me and laughing said, "I guess it would not have hurt too much!" Implying that the smart is so small it would not have hurt to have been hit with it. I laughed and said well it's not that small.
I was out having breakfast the other day and I noticed there was a man out in the parking lot walking around my car and giving it a pretty good look-over. He came in to the diner and asked who owned the
"little red car? I said that I did,and he asked me how much it cost, how many miles per gallon it used and if it had power steering , windows, anti-lock brakes etc. He thought it was a pretty nice car but wanted to know "what car do I drive in the winter?" After I told him I drive it year round he had the most puzzled look on his face as if that just couldn't be true. I had to remind him that it is a car and that people drive cars through all the seasons. He still just looked dazed and confused, so I just finished my breakfast and smiled at him when I left.
A man in a Suburban said, "My teenage daughter is safer driving my Suburban than that tiny thing."
I said," Yes, safer,but she will have a harder time getting in trouble in a Smart."
Visiting friends in Wisconsin, we've been asked three times so far, "Is that one of those Mini-Coopers?" by passers by.

I've found it is just easier to reply, "yes, it is..."
Love it!!!

Robert Stout said:
A man in a Suburban said, "My teenage daughter is safer driving my Suburban than that tiny thing."
I said," Yes, safer,but she will have a harder time getting in trouble in a Smart."
I bought my Smart to tow behind my motorhome. When I sent a picture to my son, he replied with "Which closet will you carry it in?"
Thursday this week I pulled into a hardware store parking lot. My friend and I were sitting in the car a minute chatting away about something before getting out. An older gentleman was passing back and forth behind the car, looking, waiting, trying to decide to wait for us to get out..or to go on his way. Finally we passed a few more times and we got out still chatting...you could see he had something on his mind to share...so he burst out with "hey, um cute car...So where did you get the tires for that thing?...From a donut shop??!!!! Hee, ha, ha!" Without skipping a beat I said 'Sure, actually I just baked them up fresh this morning!". He got a big hoot and a holler out of that and you could tell it was eating him alive waiting for us to get out so he could comment...he was pleased with himself...I was happy to oblige!
A person told me my car was pre-shrunk. Golf Cart, Wow! I can't believe how big it is inside!
A person was riding his bike, in the city of Chicago, and started circling around my car at a stoplight. He told me I better be careful, I wouldn't want to get hit. I thought it was hillarious because there he was riding in the middle on the street without a helmet.
Do you have to have a moped license to drive that?

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