I have had alot of comments about my smartie. A lady that I work with had a really good one. She asked me if my car came with the glue when I bought it and how long did it take me to put in together. I had not heard that one before and I thought that it was very witty and original.

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This is the second year our organization has raffled off a smart. This year we have a blue and silver 2009 cabriolet. Along with the car, the winner will also receive a $5000 cash prize. Being that the car raffle is for a not-for-profit childcare organization I have been astounded at all the negative comments we have received about the car. Many of them are out of complete ignorance and based on assumptions and many people seem to completely write off the smart without knowing anything about it. Over the past few months, I have heard the following:

Why don't we open this thing up and let the hamsters/squirrels in it run free.

How many squirrels you got running this thing?

It looks like a roller skate/skate board/high top sneaker.

It's the Obama-mobile.

How's that piece of shi* car run?

Oh, it's one of those hybrid/electric cars.

(When the top is down and I've removed the roof pillars) Oh, is it a convertible?

It's just not safe. I don't care what you say.

How fast do you have to get going before it takes off?

I wouldn't want to hit a semi with that thing.

I'd be afraid to hit a bug.

Here, I take this side, you take the other and lift on three.

That thing can fit in the back of my pick-up.

Can it tow my boat/RV/trailer?

I've got a golf cart/go cart bigger than this.

What class of vehicle is it in? Lawnmower?

Where's the other half?

Where do the kids go?

What kind of gas mileage do you get out of these things? Like, 100?

When I went to (insert name of European country here) these things were all over the place. They parked them this way and that way.

There's no way. There's just no way.

Did you see the You Tube video where they put a motorcycle engine in one of these things...

The following is a conversation I had with a woman who was looking at the smart:
Woman: Who makes this car?
Me: Mercedes makes it.
Woman: Well... who makes Mercedes?
Me (a bit stupefied): Mercedes Benz?
Woman: Yeah, who makes them?
Me (very slowly and clearly): Mercedes makes Mercedes.
Woman (rolling her eyes at me): Well, sometimes other companies make the cars.
I got one...My parents travel in their RV now and then. They asked me if they could borrow my Smart for when they set up camp to have a second vehicle to run around in. Of course, I said I guess so. So when I caught my Dad measuring the side with a tape measure, I asked him what he was doing. He said I am trying to figure out how much velcro it will take to stick it to the side...
The other one was...I got out of my car at a courthouse where I work, and it was a big court day, so I took the last spot. A guy pulls up beside me as I am walking in and asks if I mind if he puts my car in his trunk and then takes the space I am in.
I was commenting to my dad on how my car wasn't getting the milage it should (only 30-34mpg) and that I'm hoping when the "break in period" is over that it will boost to where it should be, his response was:
There's probably a little friction on the wheels and the gerbils are turning them as fast as they can right now
I went to a party one evening at friend's - my husband was home not feeling well. As I pulled up one of them yelled out the door "Where's the rest of it?" My response was "I left it home with hubby".

People ask me what size engine does it have in it and my husband promply replies it has a soup up sewing machine under the hood.
yes the usual comments are: How many mpg? how do you drive it? weres the engine? how fast does it go? who makes it? is it legal to drive on the streets?
then oneday i was waiting outside the mall and a guy came over to say, "i can bench press your car" i was like REALLY!?
people can be really silly @ times.
but i love kids reactions
my 4yr old son said oneday when we were driven w/top down "weeeeeeee, we're on a roller coaster" w/his arms in the air - 2funny!
he also asked me bout the 2 quarters in the coin holder, if he took them out what will happen? i told him the car would fall apart and flatN like a pancake he jus smiled = )
im thinking why would he think the coins would affect the car. he has never ask that question bout the coins in the other car :-/

Thats what make the Smart so interesting & fun!
Went to go pay the parking attendent at the Sun Dome (not a small guy) when he blurted out... "Dang, I couldn't fit that in my right butt cheek" gotta say that caught me off guard.

My dad asked, where is it made, so I told him, then he said... "I thought it was made in a pet shop"

I do love how little kids get soo happy when they see it pass them. Definitely makes you smile!
A co-worker was going to get a snack. He asked me if I wanted another smart car from the vending machine...
Rob, I get the same question too.  i tell everybody that it only costs me 25.00 to fill up and I drive a whole week on a tank.

Rob said:
The most common question I get is "Is it electric?"

I generally get this question while I'm at the gas station fueling the car.

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