Since I was never able to get the ignition key properly secured to the smart keyfob, I lost one yesterday. Today the dealer said it will cost $200 to replace!

I will do due diligence to locate the other one, but if there is no other option to replace this key, I will do without. Would have been nice to know these were worth their weight in gold prior to this!

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Well... it's not surprising that they cost so much. They have their remote entry and panic button and such.... and i don't remember there being a key slot on the car, except for i think one hidden behind a little tab as a security feature in case the doors don't automatically unlock in an accident or something.
This may sound stupid, but does it come as one piece? Why do you have to put it together? I have a 2009 and I don't know if they changed the key. sells a conversion that is a push button start and does not use the key, just the fob. It cost $211 plus some shipping I am sure, but it may be better than replacing the key and fob. I was thinking of adding this to my smart.
Ron, this is only a starter once you are in the car. It won't lock/unlock the car like the current key, correct?
Correct, it will only start the car once you are in it and won't unlock the door. But if your fob works, you can unlock the door with it and start the car with the push button starter. It is not cheaper, but looks like a cool option for the same price. I do not know if you also need a key to open your door, and if that is the case this is not your solution.
Hi Boomer's Rock, I invite you to check out the discussion at called "smart Keys". Listed under Support/Questions & Answers. The discussion answers allot of questions about the key, and how it works.
Thanks for the reminder about I went immediately to smartcarofamerica for most technical things but didn't check the other site. Thanks!
This is one of the first things my salesperson told me about when I took delivery. She said the plastic part of the key (with the buttons and such) costs about $40 but the actual key (the metal piece) would cost $210 to replace so everyone should be very careful with their keys!
Here's what I found out from actual experience....

Reply by Dave on May 22, 2008 at 11:42am

Here's the straight skinny about the keys based on my 5 week quest to get additional keys. ALL smart OWNERS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THESE KEY FACTS:

1. There is only ONE type of key. It comes in two parts that are ordered and sold seperately - the metal "blade" and the plastic "remote/head." The "flat key" the dealer was getting me was the "blade." There is NO "VALET" (or any other) KEY AVAILABLE that can be used to start the car.
2. The key "blade" must be ordered, "cut" by smart (not the dealer), and takes 3-6 days to get.
3. There is a computer chip in the key "remote/head" that sends a signal to the car's immobilizer system that enables the key to start the car. This chip IS NOT powered by the "remote/head" battery as the car will start even with the battery removed.
4. The car MUST be "coded" to all the keys that are to be used to start the car. If you get a replacement or additional key, ALL the keys must be coded/recoded to the car for them to work. You CANNOT START THE CAR with a key that has not been coded to the car.
5. In order for a dealer to code or recode a key(s) they must get a 12 digit code directly from smart. This code is good for 5 days only and IT TAKES 24 HOURS TO GET THE CODE FROM smart !!!!!!! (?)

NOTE: If you misplace one of your smart keys, you MUST HAVE THE OTHER in order to start the car. NOBODY CAN START IT ANY OTHER WAY. If you don't have access to the other key (e.g. spouse out of town), you're out of luck! And you are 3-7 days, a trip (ot tow) to the dealership, and an expensive service bill away from getting going again. Unless you keep your second key at home, I strongly suggest that you seriously consider getting a third (& fourth?) key. And read all the sections of your Owner's Manual dealing with the keys, especially the part about locking the car without the Remote. As the old saying goes ... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Good luck.
I need to know if an ignition key to a 2006 pt cruiser can be bought at say home depot and programed by the owner using the internet or must it b done only by a chrysler dealer. In other words can i get the code from the dealer and must you also use your vin number
...... why are you asking about a PT Cruiser on a Smart forum? Pretty sure google would be easily able to help you.

If there is some kind of chip to prevent the car from starting if an unauthorized key is used, either in a keyfob mounted directly on the actual key like the Smart's is, or on the actual blade of the key like my parent's '01 Trans-Am, then no, Home Depot won't be able to cut a key that will work. If it's just a regular key and has remote keyless entry and such, with no apparent chip, there's a good chance they can do so.

Not like it's expensive to get a copy of a key made. if it doesn't work, you're out what, a couple bucks?
hi, just wanna ask, my friends smart car wont star, even he uses the original key. a keys blinks in the guage, i think it wont recognize the key, it started a month ago after taking out the battery and charging it, next thing .... it wont star???? please help! thanks
I bought key insurance in March 2008. There were too options, full replacement and half replacement fees. We opted for the half replacement fee. The full cost of a smart key is $800. If I lose a key, I'll have to pay $400 for another one.

If you can actually get one from smart for $200, GRAB IT and let me know where you bought it!

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