Since I was never able to get the ignition key properly secured to the smart keyfob, I lost one yesterday. Today the dealer said it will cost $200 to replace!

I will do due diligence to locate the other one, but if there is no other option to replace this key, I will do without. Would have been nice to know these were worth their weight in gold prior to this!

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the smart dealer in lincolnwood il has keys for 210.00 and then another 100.+ to code it
I lost my key over a year ago, when I called about replacing it it was $500 for the keyfob & computer chip and synicing it all.
I finally had mine replaced. I think it was closer to $200 for everything but I would have to check.  I would check around with other dealers, that is outrageous. Maybe go back to your salesperson and grind on them.

My key got washed in the laundry.  It wont open or lock the doors remotely, but it will still start the car.  You can lock it from the inside before you get out and unlock it via the little hidden keyhole on the driver side door.


From what I have read here, I can't figure out why it will still start the car.

Good to know it at least , it can be use for starting.



if you lose the last key  you are talking about 15 hundred  new keys new SAM labor and towing

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find a

smart center



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