OK, lets get Sirius, er I mean XM,...

Anyone install one yet?
Does the antenna have to mount outside, or is the SmartCar's plastic roof not a problem?

What's the best car-kit?

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I have the Sirius antenna in front of the center console inside the car.I just tucked the wire under the lip of the console, running it to the glove box. I get perfect reception and did not need to run wires everywhere. the excess wire is zip tied in the glove compartment
I have installed Sirius on mine, and put the antenna at the top of the windshield (exterior). The weatherstripping makes it very easy to just tuck the wire in with no problem, and it does not pinch with my cabriolet top closing. Reception is perfect. Thinking about installing Xm as well since I have subsriptions to both already, and with my Pioneer touch-screen I installed, it has hookups for either or both.

You can mount the receivers under the center console, as it comes off very easily. It is made of plastic, and doesn't restrict satellite signals in any way. This picture shows my Sirius and GPS receivers. More pictures are here.

Good luck!
Just for your information we have XM radio in three cars. Two of them are hard wired in and one we just have a portable kit. The antenna just sits on the dash and it seems to work just fine. We have the Delphi Roady's I think we will hard wire ours when we get the car because I like the idea of it not being loose on the dash and the antenna is so small you hardly notice it anyway. I hope this helps a bit
Correct installation practices are to install any satellite antenna (XM or Sirius) outside. On the cabriolet they go just behind the 4" wide black plastic wind deflector above the windshield. On the coupe they go on the roof at the rear edge, centered, just ahead of the rear hatch. GPS antennas work fine inside, on the dash, in between the pods.
David where does it state in stone "Correct installation practices are to install any satellite antenna (XM or Sirius) outside" you can put it where ever you please... I have mine where the clock and rev meter would be (I did not opt for those) and It works JUST fine!. oh by the way the gps units can also be connected to an OUTSIDE antenna if you dont get good signal inside a vehicle... So its not this or that... its what works for each person given their vehicles design. Our smarts with such a clear view of the sky in the windshield work out great. especially with the little metal area to stick the antennas to on the outside.
Hi Tim,

I have the Kenwood system (see photos at my page) which is much like the Pioneer system it appears. My antenna was mounted on top behind the plastic deflector and works wonderful. I hadn't thought about putting it under the center console or I may have tried that. If you haven't had satellite before, I know you'll love it. I haven't listened to a "normal" radio broadcast in over 3 years now. (smile)

Best wishes,
Derek M. & David H.

You both mentioned that you installed the XM/sirius antenna on the outside center of the windshield frame behind the 4" wind deflector and ran the wires under the weatherstripping. I've tried that and got the wiring all the way to the right door hinges but counldn't find a way to get out of the weatherstripping and into the cab of the car for further routing to the radio unit. Would you both tell me how or where you found to get from the weatherstripping to the interior of the car. Your response will be greatly appreciate by me and, I'm sure, many others.

Billo (Ittibiti) - I like your idea of mounting the antenna under the center console - I'll try that if the windshield frame location doesn't work.

Thanks to all
I have an XM Sportscaster, discontinued model I think? I mounted the antenna under the "hood".

I took a piece of metal and made a bracket for the antenna to attach to and secured it with one of the trim bolts above the brake fluid reservoir on the passenger side. It took a little bit of tweaking to get the correct bend so the front panel close flush and get good reception.
I also have the Pioneer system in my Smart. Both the antenna for the GPS and the antenna for the Sirius are mounted at the front under the plastic for the center console.

Most if not all GPS and XM/Sirius antennas can be mounted under any plastic that is not over 1/4 inch thick. Mounting the antennas under the plastic of the center console
has worked fine for me with the large windshield of the Smart there is no obstruction
for the antennas.
Ron funny you should say that the reception on your install has good signal strength. I have the same set up as far as the antenna being under the center plastic console, and am experiencing alot of fade in signal strength. I wonder if location has something to do with it... Car location, not antenna..... I'm in North Florida, and it seems to me that when facing (driving) South it falters more so than driving northward. Perhaps the satellites are at an angle here that does prefer a more direct line of sight install.

That is possible. I notice when I get up against the side of the mountain when going thru Snake River Canyon I might loose it for a second or two. The satellite angle here in Wyoming I know is different than when I lived in Pennsylvania. It is actually much lower in the SW sky for DirecTV, and I am sure for Sirius and XM. I made sure that both the antenna were away from the metal screw pads. So far it has worked out well.
I could always take them out from under the plastic and put them at the base of the windshield and just have a very small portion of the wire sticking out.....

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