OK, lets get Sirius, er I mean XM,...

Anyone install one yet?
Does the antenna have to mount outside, or is the SmartCar's plastic roof not a problem?

What's the best car-kit?

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I installed my XM in the glove box. Installed a portable. Was just flat out easier. But I have a couple questions.

Went to put the antenna under the "hood" on the dash, but the control panel that releases the hood didn't pop off cleanly. Only the buttons came off and there is a circuit board underneath. How do I pop off the circuit board?

Where did you guys find a "hot lead" to power the radio? Right now I have it plugged in at the accessory power source, but the plug is enormous! Works well because that power source is wired to the ignition, but the plug really is a monster.

Appreciate any insights.

There is a bank of switched and unswitched taps along the side of the fuse box that the blade of a fuse or male spade connector fit into. Use an appropriately sized fuse for your application; slide one blade into the fuse block and attach a female spade connector to the other. A convenient ground point is right next to the fuse block.
Thanks Fred. I saw that bank, but there were some rather special fuse holders connected to it. I had no idea where to get one of them. But just slipping the blade of a fuse in should work fine. Very good idea. My thanks!

Roger, about that button panel with the circuit board underneath; it's not supposed to do that. However, there are 2 clips under the circuit board that hold it to the dash. Same thing happened to me when I pulled mine off. It looked so easy on the video. It snapped back together fairly easily so no harm done. I've found that a cheapo nylon panel removal tool kit from Harbor Freight makes life alot easier.

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