Help! For the last 2 days I've gotten a single wrench symbol along with a minus sign and a number when I start my car. I've searched the owner's manual and can't find anything that says what type of service this is indicating needs to be done. I've got 4770 miles on the car so I'm thinking it wants an oil change? Called the Smart Dealer and haven't heard back

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If it's where I think it is (where the odometer miles are usually shown) just press and hold the top button next to it...and it should change back to the mileage. It that's not it, call the dealer again! (Just for grins, is the minus number 5230?)
Russ Barnes has the correct answer.

Mine did the same thing, at 6800 miles, about three weeks before the 1st birthday.

Had the car serviced, and the Service Manager told me it would happen again just before the 2nd anniversary, regardless of mileage.

Neat system.
From what I have read, the single wrench means that you need an oil/filter change as well as the cabin filter and I think the minus sign is the number of days that you have gone beyond the mileage or 1 year mark. There is another service indicator which shows a double wrench which means that you need the second level of service beyond just the oil and cabin filter changes. Mine is showing minus 3 now. at about 9800 miles and 1 year old. Hope this helps.
Folks, I do not want to sound like a "smart" alley here, so please to not take it the wrong way: Have you guys read the operator's manual that comes with the car? All these 1 wrench and 2 wrench issues are explained there. I have read the manual about 3/4 of the way through now and can't wait to finish it as it does give me a lot of extra info about the car that the dealer representative did not tell me at the time I closed the deal (1 week ago yesterday). One example: When starting the car we can turn the key to the start position briefly and let go - the car will start on its own.

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