Hello my friends, does the Smart Car allows you to connect the ipod, car lighter, please post pictures

thanks in advance...

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Current EBay item # is 230350815101
But will it get you out of mudhole in Fort Bragg?
yah its possible but a external jack is required for this purpose
I dont want to buy the wrong one so, can you send me a similar ebay listing for all that i need for playing an ipod in the Smartcar (cig-lighter charger, cable sizes, holder...etc..) all I have is the ipod. The car does have the glove box hole. send it to my email address and here just in case. email is MnLsDAD@aol.com thank you for your time. Mike

Ray Stine said:
The only problem with connecting your IPod into the glovebox jack with a basic cable is that it only plays your IPod through your in-car stereo and does not recharge the IPod at the same time. I recently purchased a cable on EBay which allows you to plug your IPod into the glove back jack as well as the power port below to keep the IPod charged. In also comes with a harness to plug into video jacks, but this doesn't have to be connected becuase there's no way to show video on your car stereo anyway.

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