After having two people in 20 minutes concerned about my safety I thought of a bumper sticker I should put on my car.

"Don't tell me to be safe I got high ratings without needing to spend $100 to fill up"

Anyone else come up with cute things we wish we had on bumper stickers?

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Ugh....I HATE getting the whole "Don't you feel unsafe in that thing?!" comment. My response to them now is "Do you ask that of everyone on a motorcycle?, 'cause I sure got more protection than them!". Then they just give you a blank stare and go "Yeah, I guess so..." lol :P
I have a bumper sticker for you..."I'm peddling as fast as I can!"
The comment I've gotten a couple of times was "I'd hate to get hit by a semi in that thing" to which I've responded by pointing out one would not likely be better off getting hit by a semi in any vehicle. And it is much safer than being on a bicycle or motorcycle.
I think a sticker with a small image of a smart car on the left and "Safer than you think" as the copy would be effective, and quick to read.

For the text-speakers, it could read: SAFR THN U THNK
Airbags: 4
Crash Test Rating: 4 stars
Average MPG: 40+
Driving the Smart Car: Priceless
How about "Semi Eater"? Everyone always asks what you will do if you get hit by a semi, even though any car that get hit by a semi is going to end up in the heap pile. People just don't stop and think.
"Safer than YOUR gas guzzler"

"This cars Tridion protects me, AND my wallet at the gas pump"

"It's made by Mercedes so of course it's safe"

"Safer than yours, plus it's twice as fun to drive and gets double your mileage"
Bumper sticker candidate:

I'm driving my Smart because my other car was hit by a Semi.
Gas Sipper

Baby Bumper

Smart n Safe
My wife wants one that reads. "Men, Size does matter, just not in my car"
How about --- No need to compensate!
I have this...

"Keep your distance"

Inspiration explained here:

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