After having two people in 20 minutes concerned about my safety I thought of a bumper sticker I should put on my car.

"Don't tell me to be safe I got high ratings without needing to spend $100 to fill up"

Anyone else come up with cute things we wish we had on bumper stickers?

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It took me a while to realize where I had seen the smart car before. Then my neighbor's kid came rolling down their driveway in one of these:

So now I want a "Little Tikes" sticker on the front bumper! I wonder how much it is for a yellow tridion cell?
...well that Little Tikes definitely green...
How about: "Intelligent questions only. Snide remarks are not addressed by this smart car's owner."
How about "I may be slow, but I'm ahead of you!"
Don't feed the gerbils !
I need them hungry to work the treadmill
i had a good one the other day 2 guys on harleys, while i was going into a gas station stopped me and asked me do u feel safe in that lol. I said I feel a lot safer than both of you
Colleen, Heres some bumper stickers ; I'm "Smart" and safer then You : My car is safer then your car: This car is safe, what about yours? : Saftey does'nt have to cost $$$$$ : Want to have a crash test? : You get the idea, be "safe" JAMESJ
How about "Don't honk. I'm peddling as fast as I can"
Some of the bumper Stickers that already DO exist on

"My car is smarter than your honor student"
"Big cars are for small men"
"Size matters" (With green fortwo outline)
"Fun on Wheels" (With red fortwo outline)
"Thirty minutes of shame and then you're at work" (With fortwo outline)
"I R Smart"
"Good for the Future" (With fortwo outline)
"Got Smart?" (Green fortwo design)
"Get Smart" (Green fortwo design)
"SUV Escape Pod" (with fortwo outline)

For other items, check out the link. (May contain adult humor)

Roll 3d6
Open Here
I'm getting my car today, putting a sticker "BIG CAR, small penis"
505 Hamster power! Cost= 1 Bag of Sunflower seeds.
725 Squirrel power! Cost= 1 Bag of Roasted Peanuts.

41 miles to the gallon....priceless!

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