After having two people in 20 minutes concerned about my safety I thought of a bumper sticker I should put on my car.

"Don't tell me to be safe I got high ratings without needing to spend $100 to fill up"

Anyone else come up with cute things we wish we had on bumper stickers?

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"Don't hit me, I'm little"
I already have "Actual Size" on my back window, but I saw one on-line somewhere that would be fitting: "I'll go faster when YOU pay my gas bill"
Transformers - Robots in disguise

When people ask me if it's safe, I get quiet for a second and say,"Oh God no! This is my forth one! Last time I barely got away with my life!" ...then I turn around and limp away.

For the bumper sticker, how about "smaller target"
Bumper Sticker....."No clowns were harmed in the making of this car."
My car is smarter than a 5th grader.
My wife came up with this sticker

"My other car is stupid".
Some more stickers I've found on

Since Mercedes used to have Chrysler under it's wing, how about, "Yeah, it's got a Hemi".

Or from the cult classic, 'Army of Darkness': "Shop Smart...Shop S-Mart"

"Life is too short to drive boring cars"

"The closer you get, the slower I go"
The bumper sticker I was thinking of is:

Yes it’s my smart car…. so No I won’t be able to help you move.

It’s a great way to free up a few weekends.
NEED to find "I only bought half a car, but I bought the Smart half"

Anyone know where I can find this for my friend who is obsessed?

thanks, kate
You can find T-shirts, bumper sticers, etc at If you don't find your favorite saying, they can make it for you.

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