After having two people in 20 minutes concerned about my safety I thought of a bumper sticker I should put on my car.

"Don't tell me to be safe I got high ratings without needing to spend $100 to fill up"

Anyone else come up with cute things we wish we had on bumper stickers?

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"half the car, double the mileage"
LOL :) In some cases you could say "Half the car, triple the mileage" :p
*Actual Size


If you can't see my little car on the road then you shouldn't be driving blind.


Please don't squish me!
Great idea! If you get this stickers I would like to get one too. (If poss.) Our gas prices are more then double as in the US :o(
I think a Harley sticker in the back windshield would work.
I was asked if that was my Fart car! I thought for a second....keep cool......then I responded;

"Yes that's my SMART car! Would you like to pet one of the hampsters?"

That got the crowd laughing and broke down the Smart Alec that thought he was funny!

That's why my cars name is Smart Alec!!
I've also been asked what I would do if I was hit by a semi?

I reply back, "probably the same thing you would do if you got hit by a semi.....Make a really frightening face....(then I give them an example), then crap my pants!"....(no sample)

That usually shuts them up!
I get this all the time. "Do you feel safe in that thing?" I am constantly asked.

I always answer the same way: "I didn't buy it to feel safe. It IS safe - just google Smart Safety if you doubt it. I bought it because in 12-24 months, with oil on its current path, I will be the largest car on the road and then you'll be asking that question to the guy on the motorbike".

I also tell them that 1600 lbs curb weight, I'm going to bounce off of most things I collide with since I have such little mass. My biggest concern is my internal organs staying connected with the sudden deceleration - not getting smashed. But speaking of smashed, google the video where those three car guys in the UK ran a Smart into a brick wall at 70 mph. Yea it took a good a spank but guess what? The cabin was still in tact.

Safety is going be a small issue when all the SUV's are benched because of $8/gallon gas.

Americans wake up! We are STEALING petrol from the world at our current $4/gallon. The price in Europe is close to (US) $10/gallon so we still have a long way to go to pay what everyone pays - and trust me, we'll get there sooner rather than later.
Rated "G" by the IIHS - how about yours?

My Tridion cell is safer than yours.

Safe and fuel efficient - how smart is that?

It's called smart for a reason
If this is the "open thread " for bumper sticker suggestions
Mine would be ...

"My other car is dumb" or "My other car is a dumba$$"
"My other car is fuelish"
Or on the front bumper

reads "Objects in mirror smaller than they appear" in the mirror of the car in front of you
Why go with a mere bumper sticker when you can do this?

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